This episode proves that Ward will never get back to the "good guy" team. At best the "redemption" will mean that he will betray Garret too and become a third "neutral" side sometimes hindering and sometimes helping the team in S2.


Best episode to date.

Also Whedon family continues their tradition of having a main character betray the others and become a villain. Only Firefly escaped that if I remember correctly(Jane does not really count) and I am sure if it lasted we would have gotten that

Ward's entirety of actions through the show just took new meaning. Ward's "fling" with May too. Ward's sudden interest and infatuation with Skye also makes a complete sense now.

On other hand, Simmons is also shady - her "getting better at lying" line was suspicious - and then during Hand's "hydra test" what she did was basically a non-answer. And what better a coverstory for a fake identity than pretending to be someone who is bad at lying?


The problem with Kira is that she is pretty much a mary sue plot device without any sort of character development(or character).

Allison at least had an active role in things. So far show does not have any female to replace her in that.

If anything, Lydia could play that role since she does have good chemistry with Scott, but alas, too much Stiles fan-pandering in this show for that to happen.

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Remember when Teen Wolf used to be GOOD?

I only barely do.

Season Two already had a lot of sexist bullshit and the way they treated Lydia, but Season Three? Now even plot does not make sense.

The show has great cinematography but literally everything else is rotten:

- Plot is disjointed and nonsensical.
- The show is full of pointless characters(like Isaac) or walking plot-devices(like Kira).
- Scott is always sidelined and Stiles is the holy messiah gary stu loved by all, so the show could as well be re-titled into Stiles.
- The show is incredibly sexist towards its females - through S3 none of female characters did anything important, Lydia got subdued into being a death-radar or Stiles sidekick, and Allison was in sidelines. Kira got some times in front-lines, but that’s due to her status as a plot-device.
- The show is incredibly misogynist towards the females - how many female characters did it kill by now? Too many. Allison’s death most likely had to be a “shock factor” , the “twist”, but for me it was expected - Allison was a strong person, she was a character, she was interesting, but she also was female, which, by Teen Wolf standards equals death. She was the only female who was capable of getting shit done in this show and I am sorry but I have no interest in this trainwreck without the said lead heroine

So yeah, this bullshit is the last straw in already dead show, essentially the point where the show reaches the apex of bullshit and bad writing, making it almost as bad as Vampire Diaries

And after putting through with that show for a while after it turned into trainwreck, I just have no time nor nerves to put up with Teen Wolf’s bullshit now

So yeah, GG, Jeff Davis, you are about to lose a lot of viewers due to your sexism and inability to write coherently.


- Don't care about Jane/Lisbon generic romance. Every procedural has that bs.
- RJ minions were interesting before because there was a almost twin-peaks-y mystery surrounding RJ, now they are just another criminal organization.
- Jane's past only packs a punch when it has relation to present - unless he pissed off a couple other serial killers, that's not going to happen anymore.


Sadly i most likely won't be following this after the break.

With killing of Red John, died what made this show unique in the first place. I have no interest in watching "Yet-Another-Procedural" The Show. complete with boring "main romance" pairing of two partners.

This season has been a HUGE letdown in pretty much all the aspects.


From best:
1. The Blacklist.
2. Orphan Black
3. Agents of SHIELD.
4. Sleepy Hollow


Now I have not watched this show for two season already, but lol.

"the protagonist we cheered for"? When did that happen?

More like a boring holier-than-thou cardboard box who had no personality


great review.

Frankly I have not been watching this show ever since they pulled BAD CGI LOBSTERS WITH EYES BS and seemingly sidelined Duke for the sake of trite drama.

You are right. the season did start with a lot of promise. ITs depressing that this show could not keep it and instead reverted back to its status quo. Oh well.


I am sorry but being of iranian or spanish descent DOES count as being a minority.