navid is such a douche! please, get rid of him like ASAP!

New Girl Review: Fifty Shades of Day

omg, nick is really on fire this season!! i really think he is outshining his co-stars.
max is still number 1 to me, but nick is really close now :)

Happy Endings Review: Bar Mitzvah Hype Guys

"Jane and Brad are probably the horniest couple I've ever seen" Indeed! I couldn't agree more!!

TV Ratings Report: A Series Low For...

poor sophia bush.. im sure she'll come up with something. im surprised at 9O21O! good for them!!

Once Upon a Time Clips: Threats and Fears

I am also hooked on season 2! This and Revenge make sundays perfect for me.

Kristen Bell to Appear on Gossip Girl Finale

yay! now thats a good news for gossip girl!!


"Robin struggles to break up with Nick and Barney offers to help"
-- as expected

The Vampire Diaries Review: Elena's First

i really enjoyed reading this review. i liked all the "BOOM!" haha.

Arrow Review: The Mission Comes First

This was a good episode. Now I thinking Moira might not be as bad as i thought. she seems to care for her children.
loved the scenes between OliRel (?)
The scenes with Oli and Thea were pretty touching too.

Modern Family Review: Allergic and Illegal

i personally think episode 2 (titled "Schooled") was the best one of this season. I've seen it like 5 times and it still cracks me up.
This one was really great too. I loved the scenes with Alex at the hospital.
Haley was pretty awesome too.