Oh - my - goodness. THAT KISS - someone call the fire department - holy crow that was hot! Even the way Danny just grabbed the bottle from her hand and threw it aside...whew!

I agree that Nick and Jess from New Girl was a better kiss just because of its execution - no one saw it coming at the end of that episode until it happened.

But this was pretty good. Well done, Mindy Project!!


Hmmm...Well, it won't be:

- Henry - ABC is owned by Disney and I can't see them killing off a kid...
- Rumpel - because Robert Carlyle is the best thing about this show and they would be INSANE to let him go...
- Regina - because Lana Parilla is the second best thing about this show and they'd be insane to let her go...
- Emma - this whole story is mostly about her...
- Snow - this story is almost as much about her as it is about Emma.

That leaves Hook, Charming, Neal and Belle as the most expendable.

Belle - Given that it took 2.5 seasons for Rumpel to actually reach redemption and sacrifice, I don't think they'll kill Belle off quite yet. She's going to be instrumental in his reform.

Charming - Will they separate Snow and Charming? Possibly. Although they're more likely to go down the Snow/Charming second baby route. Josh Dallas dating Ginnifer Goodwin also makes his departure less likely...

Hook - Not sure if they're willing to waste the potential between Emma and Hook. He's a much more interesting fellow, and has the most potential. BUT - he has less history with the others than anyone else. That make him most expendable, but the fan support he has would make his death REALLY sting and meaningful anyway.

Neal - He already "died" once. Not sure if they want to go down the same emotional path with those characters, given that they've already experienced his death. But he's also the least interesting character.

I HOPE it's Neal who leaves. But I THINK it will be Hook.

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I am SOOOO excited!! Even though no one else I know watches this show :-/


The episode was great, even though I saw the whole "I'm deep undercover" thing coming a mile away. Nathan Fillion really did a good job of showing how torn and conflicted his character was - that was excellent.

My favourite thing about this episode was the lack of couple angst. This would have been an easy place to have them fight about trust and all that stuff, but I'm SO glad they took another road and had them Beckett be understanding of Castle's conflict. Loved it.

James Brolin plays a renounced-by-the-CIA-deep-undercover agent on Castle with Nathan Fillion...who starred on Firefly with Adam Baldwin, who played Casey on Chuck, where the titular character's mother was...a renounced-by-the-CIA-deep-undercover agent.


This show gets better and better - this episode was AWESOME in every way. I love that they're picking up the pace and really getting into the good stuff. My heart honestly broke for Coulson.

Also, this was hands down Skye's best episode.


Hahaha - that was a good line, I forgot to mention it. Holt's deadpan delivery is always amazing. I totally agree - Andy Samberg is really, really showing his chops these days, and plays off everyone quite well. He's definitely earned that Golden Globe nomination.

I'm glad you're enjoying the show as much as I am!


So Hank let the girl get away with murder and he didn't even get a date out of it? Wow. Harsh.

Nice review. This episode really excelled a great allegory for the LGBT experience. That being said, it could do a little better racially. Black Wesen are rare on the show (which is fine, minority and all that), but goodness, their storylines. We got one black Wesen from Haiti that of course makes voodoo-ish undead people. And now, it's been AGES since we've seen black wesen in the procedural side of Grimm, but of course they're gang members and jailed fathers. Honestly. Throw us a white-collar crime once in a while :-)

Anyway, my favourite thing about the episode was Monroe and Rosalee's acceptance of each other. And Monroe killing it with the cello. He was still playing in the background as Rosalee and Juliette chatted, SO GOOD.

It's always fun watching Nick use his "Grimmness" to intimidate people, which he did quite a bit this episode.


Someone give Seamus Dever his own show, please - the man is an INCREDIBLE actor. Whenever an episode is Ryan-centric, Seamus carries it so masterfully. I'd even argue that he's probably the most skilled cast member (and I say this being a HUGE fan of Nathan Fillion).

I can't even describe how awesome this episode is.


I totally agree with the review. The case itself had a cool twist at the end, but there were so many misdirects that by the end I had no idea what meant what. The Rasputin tie-in was VERY cool though. But where did the radiation poisoning come from? I even started hypothesizing that he had probably been healing people from the Chernobyl disaster...

The side story with Juliette's friend. Sigh. Alicia Lagano is great (she was FANTASTIC on Castle last year), but her NOT calling the cops really infuriated me, and just seemed like we needed to give Juliette something to do when she's not doling out scientific advice. Her jerkass husband should be in jail.

That being said, I am looking forward to the beatdown that guy's gonna get from Mr Grimm.

Nick - between the shower scene and Renard speaking Russian, I needed cold water. Totally with you on that.


Castle: "Still" was pretty awesome, but I think I love "The Good, The Bad and The Baby" a bit more :-)

Once Upon A Time: I'm torn between "Going Home" and "Good Form".

Archer: The Honeymooners was my favourite of last year's season of Archer. The dive Archer did off the side of that building to save Lana was just epic. It's also important because in retrospect, we realize that was the episode where Lana decides to go with a donor for her baby. Lastly, one of Archer's best lines ever. (North Korea...that's the nation state equivalent of the short bus!).

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: "Christmas" was my favourite episode.

Arrow: Definitely "Sacrifice." Arrow crossed lines on that episode that we never saw coming - actually allowing the destruction of the Glades, and Tommy Merlyn's death (*sniff*)

Grimm: "El Cucuy" was fun. The ending was surprising and pretty funny.

New Girl: "Cooler" was a PERFECT sitcom episode. Everything about that episode was perfect, from the return of True American, to Schmidt passing out when Nick went on the ledge, to the brilliant kiss at the end.

Community: Everyone rags on season 4, but the puppet episode was amazing.

Homeland: "One Last Thing". Watching Brody's transformation from drug-addled defeat to a strong marine was fantastic. It was also the only episode where Dana was remotely tolerable.

Legend of Korra: The origin episode of Avatar Wan. That was probably the best episode in the entire series.