My theory is that the father is Captain Renard.

I'm still slightly holding on to the theory that Renard's mother is involved somehow (not as certain that she's Stefania anymore, but still considering that a possibility). The baby is Sean's, but they're trying to get her into the royal family - what better leverage could you possibly have?


(sigh) Bye bye, Mentalist.


While I understand the reluctance to let Wu know what's out there, it's definitely a douche move letting the guy check into a mental hospital. That's gonna be on his record for the rest of his life - forget Wesen, there are professional implications for his job!

Also - Drew Wu? What were his parents thinking?

Lastly - Adalind's baby is CREEPY!!!!


Is it me, or did Jane get a haircut and shape up the scruff?


You're totally right - I completely forgot about that! Good call.


All of Bedelia's interactions with Hannibal were absolutely chilling. Watching Hannibal exert his intimidation over her, watching her step back - amazing, amazing, amazing. I'm SO GLAD she told Will that she believes him - I think that's all Will needed, just one confirmation that he isn't totally insane.

I wonder if Hannibal has figured out that Will is playing him, or if he thought that Will would know that the "reflection" was not the same killer?

I've decided never to watch Hannibal when I'm hungry. I do not need to be salivating at Hannibal's cooking - seriously, that leg looked delicious. It's awful.


Thank you for that explanation - so very insightful!


THE MOTHER from How I Met Your Mother. Geez - way to underutilize a fantastic actress and potentially excellent character.

Winston from New Girl. They just don't know what to do with him.

Totally agree with Thea Queen and Alana Bloom. Though I think Alana's going to have a bigger role this season.


This is a great RT :-)

1. I try to avoid spoilers as much as I can, so this felt like any regular Arrow episode to me. I had no expectations going in.

2. I think both. I've been in the friend zone (or Palcatraz) so often I consider myself mayor - I know how uncomfortable unrequited feelings can be. That being said, I totally agree with Hank and Carla - Slade was totally creepy and voyeuristic about it. He wasn't in a good place to being with. The Mirakuru catapulted him over the edge.

3. Maybe if we saw her, then yes. Right now, no. It only reminded me of the DC Animated Universe version of Mr Freeze, who did what he did to save his wife.

4. Besides "I wish my mom would keep it in her pants?" I think he was constantly assessing the situation, being on the alert for his family, thinking of a plan, suppressing the shock and anger.

5. I agree with Carissa - a bit more info would be nice at this point. I mean, he came back from the island all scarred up - physically and emotionally. They shouldn't be surprised to learn that he met dangerous people there. It would have at least kept Moira from shamelessly throwing herself at Slade. Geez louise.


I think what surprised me the most about this episode is the lack of urgency surrounding Ardiles' murder and the fact that the gang is being surveilled. Jane didn't seem concerned, Lisbon wasn't pressing it...that was confusing to me.

I like Abbott more and more each episode.

Re the gifts - I don't think he hacked their files - Jane can barely use a computer. My theory is that he's talked to people in their past - family members or something - that told them about their childhood.