Arrow Round Table: "Crucible"

1. I'd say the final reveal surprised me the most. I saw the Black Canary reveal coming (though I was surprised at how soon it was). 2. Absolutely loved it. I didn't think the show would go there that soon, but I'm so happy they did. 3. I think she will - probably her dad. The character of Quentin Lance is becoming so much more likeable and involved, I see it going that route with him. 4. It'll basically be the same cycle that the Queens went through. 5. Who knows? I like the surprise. I'm in for the ride!

Once Upon a Time Review: Start With Hope

So these secrets...Charming revealed he'd been lying for a week and will have to desert his family, Hook revealed that he was actually vulnerable and pining for a woman who would likely never love him, Emma wishes the man she loved was dead. Snow White's worst secret - I want a baby!! Gah - no wonder Regina can't stand her... I didn't love this week's episode - especially coming after last week's. Ariel's story was a bit lacklustre. Also, I don't like seeing Rumple so out of control; I miss the Rumple that always had a plan. I am glad that he's with Regina now though. I'm really, really curious to know his backstory with Pan. The way I see this ending - Hook's going to die for Emma (because they'll never put her with him instead of Neal), and they're going to somehow make Pan old and break his hold on the island.

Once Upon a Time Review: Start With Hope

YES. A million yesses to this. How was Neal never going to stop fighting for her when he's never fought for her to begin with?
I almost shed a tear for Hook, realizing how vulnerable he was at that moment, and how much he's given up for Emma. Your comment is bang-on.

Grimm Review: The Walking Dead

I remember a while back, when we were still unsure of how Hank and Juliette would ever fit in on the show, there was one episode where the review was titled, "The One Where No One Was Useless." I think that certainly applies to this episode! I enjoyed this episode. It's great seeing how cohesive a unit Team Grimm has become. Even though we still don't know Renard's full agenda, it's clear that whatever his agenda is, he cares about these guys and REALLY wants them on his side. As for Nick, he likely would have been acquitted of the killing, but honestly, what would they say in court? Although, I find it strange that Nick didn't leave any fingerprints or DNA on the scene; he's a cop and his identifiers would be on file... There's no way Eric Renard is dead. He probably saw that coming. I also don't trust the Captain's is he the only ally that's still alive? Also - Adalind...again, EWWWW. Almost lost my dinner. On that note, did anyone else think that Cap's mom sounded exactly like Stefania? My only complaint about this episode was the lighting. The fight scenes looked SOOO amazingly choreographed and badass, I wish we would have been able to see it better. That barn was so dark!

Nashville Review: The Girl Code

I'm not sure if I'm enjoying this show as much as I used to. The music - yes. The characters - not so much. Juliette's stupid decisions used to be a result of her brokenness, but now they're just stupid for no reason other than she's stupid. And the whole love quadrilateral between Scarlett and Co. is just really, really silly.

The only characters that are continuously being written well are Deacon and Avery. Their actions are purposeful, whether for the right or wrong reasons. I love how Avery has grown. The reviewer is right - but I don't know if it's just the reformed bad boy. I think it's great to see when people are cognizant of their mistakes and repentant, and finding redemption as they work to make it better.

I'm not sure how much people care about the politics of the show - the whole Teddy/Peggy/fake pregnancy/marriage thing is stupid, and I'm not sure if we've been allowed to be invested enough in the sisterhood of Rayna and Tandy to care when that erupts.

Great review, Dan.

Arrow Review: Not For The Weak

1. EXCELLENT work by team Arrow in the acting department, especially Stephen Amell. I believed everything he was saying.

2. The award for most improved character goes to Quentin Lance.

3. Laurel is the worst. She's seriously the worst. I dislike her more with every episode.

4. Roy's concern for what's-her-name just didn't make any sense - he'd only met her once by chasing her through the city. Also, he didn't actually save her life - there were tons of people shot and the EMS would have come there anyway. That whole thing made no sense to me.

5. Fantastic action scenes with Arrow and Canary. I LOVED when they switched weapons, absolutely amazing.

Once Upon a Time Round Table: "Good Form"

1. I assume he's making sure that he's not a distraction. But I'm sure that's going to backfire.

2. Yes and No. Yes in that it was their only option at the time. No because it's just wrong.

3. I think he will. For one, "not telling" would be WAY too cliche. Also, Hook is a pretty sensible character, and he would be totally aware of the consequences of lying. He's also quite principled and proud, and I don't think he would want Emma by default; he would want to know that she picked him, that he won her. And I think everyone is forgetting how much he cares about Neal, as the son of the woman he loved before. I think he regrets what happened with Neal the first time on the island and wouldn't hurt him again.

4. It better not be a one time thing! Those two have more chemistry than Walter White's trailer...

5. I loved Hook's back story. It was really interesting to see the wide-eyed Cillian and contrast him with today's Hook. Also, Colin O'Donoghue is just so adorable.

Castle Round Table: "Get a Clue"

1. Favourite reference was definitely Raiders of the Lost Ark. The Indiana Jones trilogy (yes, I said trilogy) is one of my favourites.

2. Meh, I'd say 6. He was quite passive aggressive, but I've seen SO much worse!

3. She was right to be annoyed with his behaviour at dinner, but he's done nothing else to deserve the kind of ire she's throwing at him. There's nothing righteous about her indignation.

4. I'm with Christine. Everything about the final scene. Alexis' level of disrespect towards her father was just reprehensible.

5. Hands down, the sword fight. I was literally cheering for Castle!


He's not - the character's being played by Zachary Levi now (which, ironically, was supposed to be the case in the first movie but Levi had to withdraw when Chuck was renewed)

The New TV Fanatic: What Do You Think?

I agree with everything except the emoticons. I love the grown-up look of a comment section without smiley faces and frowny faces!