1. Somehow Hook and Regina have become my favourite characters, so I pretty much enjoy any scene they're in. Regina's sarcasm is more fun than all the magic LOL

2. Yes, but I understand why he didn't.

3. I think it will be like the Avengers. All of them together with a plan, united against a common enemy.

4. Regina. Regina has been manipulated from day one, and has systematically lost everyone that was ever on her side.

5. Agreed with Nick.

6. I always thought Rumpelstiltskin was pretty creepy.


Also, not sure if you guys have seen this NBC recap of Grimm season 2. I'm pretty sure the narrator is one of us :-)


YAY - Grimm is back, finally!

@GeneralRapunzel - Agreed! The supporting cast carried the show incredibly well. Monroe and Hank's determination to help Nick was fantastic, and Juliette is already vastly better than she was in both previous seasons! I think she and Rosalee will make a great pair with their respective non-Wesen and Wesen scientific minds.

Wow, was the Adalind story ever gross. Now we're dismembering people? UGH.

Oh captain, my badass captain. I think that Renard's allegiance to Nick and friends became clear during the last season - he has his own mysterious agenda, yes, but he's never shown any malice towards Nick.

I do wish we understood more about how/why Nick's reacting the way he is to the zombification. Hopefully that will be explained. In the meantime, this review did a good job of noting the differences between his reaction and that of normal folks.

Great review as usual, McHatton :-)


Oh - and this is how I predict this whole Lamar mess ending. Lamar is convinced Teddy sold him out, therefore puts a hit out on him OR exposes his embezzlement. Teddy either goes to jail or dies, exposing what's-her-face's fake pregnancy scheme, AND allowing Deacon a chance to be a father to Maddie. And that's how Rayna and Deacon get back together (we all know they will).

Also - If someone had told me last season that Avery would become one of my favourite characters and I'd end up liking Avery more than Gunnar, I would have thought they were nuts. But here we are.


I'm going to start every comment on Nashville from now on by singing Chip Esten's praises. It never ceases to amaze me how he knocks it out of the park every week, even when he's barely on screen.

Next - the music. The duet between Deacon and Scarlett was one of the most beautiful things I ever heard. Went straight to iTunes to get it after that.

My favourite scene was Rayna finding her voice on stage after the audience gave her the strength to do it. That really moved me, and Connie Britton really shined.

Lastly - (sigh) Gunnar. I was in his corner until this episode. Sleeping with your ex's best friend, while you're still in love with her? And some best friend - what the hell? Terrible.


I'm not quite sure what to think about this episode. I didn't find it that funny, but I thought the character work on Schmidt was well done.

That being said...Winston singing his work will never not be funny. Pumpkinning...


1. I love that it was open. This episode reminded me of some of the lighter episodes of the X-files.

2. @Angie - YES!! LOL!!

3. I can't stand how they've stagnated the character's maturity - how did she go from one of the most intelligent, mature teenagers on television to this typical teen? I think what we also dislike is how disrespectful and inconsiderate Alexis has become towards her father.

4. I doubt Castle would name his baby daughter after Nikki Heat, a character whose sexual exploits he's written so vividly!

5. I think the final precinct scene was my fave, with both Castle and Beckett realizing that the time-travel might have been real.


castleguest - YES. Bingo.


...disrespectful, dismissive and inconsiderate to her father, and that really angers me.


The problem with Alexis is the inconsistency in her character. The reason I loved Alexis Castle is because she wasn't like any other angsty teenager on television, and I really related to that. When we first met her, she was more mature and wise than most teenagers, and as she got older, that continued.

The thing is that now she's become a "typical", run-of-the-mill teenager, and that's the inconsistency. We could explain/defend her behaviour saying that any teenager would act like she would, but that's the problem. Why is she now a typical kid when she never was before? When and why did her maturity suddenly stagnate? It feels contrived and unnecessary.

My other annoyance with Alexis is the way she treats her father. Say what you want about Richard Castle and his maturity level, but the man has ALWAYS been an excellent father, and continues to be. But now it's like Alexis has suddenly become unaware of that. For the past two seasons she's been absolutely disrespectful, dismissive and inconsiderate to her father, pretty much all the time, and that angers me.