I'm glad you're enjoying the show, Amy Lynn. I'm glad you mentioned Scully - seriously, how is he even a cop?! He lost his gun while it was holstered to him!!


Hi Linda! I have been watching the show regularly from the pilot. It's always possible that I've missed something, or maybe I just didn't word it right. Though I'm pretty sure that this is the first episode that divided the main cast up into these pairs for the entire episode, and all of their character development took place within those pairs. Until now, they've either functioned as a full ensemble, or split into trios and the interactions mix around during the episode.

Hope you're enjoying the show!


1. My fave is the scene where they take Pandora's box from Rumple. My heart broke when they all turned against him.

2. I'll say 9. I didn't see it coming until the start of that episode - and then somehow I just knew. But the implications of it all were worse - not only did Peter Pan abandon his son, he kept his grandson captive for years, and now is stealing the heart of his great-grandson

3. Beyond stupid. BOTH your moms and your dad are telling you not to, and you do it anyway? Ugh. I was really annoyed.

4. I think it will come out. Peter will call Neal his grandson or something.

5. I think his legacy should take him down. Rumple and Baelfire. Not so much Henry.


Neil Patrick Harris and Wayne Brady in a sing-off, and the return of John Lithgow.

That was pretty much all I needed, really. I don't even care what the plot was :-)


Hi San - I totally noticed that! So great! This show is really impressive for casting actors that can match the mannerisms of their older counterparts.


1. Oh my gosh - so far we have Ivo, STAR Labs, Amanda Waller, HIVE, Deadshot, Deathstroke, Ra's al Ghul, League of freakin' much to look forward to. I was most excited about Amanda Waller, though she wasn't as intimidating as I hoped.

2. I'm with Nick - I think they're both playing each other. Though the alcohol helped.

3. I absolutely think he was sincere. I've been watching how he reacts to her all season. She makes him smile - sincerely - all the time. She calls him out on his BS constantly, and he totally cares what she thinks of him. She knows who he is and accepts him that way. He knows that he could care about her if he gave himself the chance, and that could be costly to her and to himself.

4. His first mistake was using Bing. Diggle - dude, Google. But I think he'll try to figure out why his brother was a target.

5. I'm ambivalent about Shado/Slade. And agreed with Carla and Hank, Sara's doing the best double-agent job that she can.


LOL!! He does this on every show. Drives me nuts, but with a kind of begrudging respect. He makes trolling an art form, seriously.


That was probably one of the best twists of ALL TIME. I had NO IDEA until this episode. Now I need to re-watch to see if there were clues during the season!

I don't know what it was, but the second that Rumple's dad gave young Rumple the doll, I just felt he was gonna be Peter Pan. Then when they landed on Neverland, I knew it. But watching it happen - WOW. Worst. Father. Ever.

You said it, Christine - no wonder Rumple's a mess. I wonder if Neal would be more understanding if he knew what Rumple had been through.

I wish we had gotten to see more of the whole team, but this episode was amazing.

And one more thing: Colin O'Donoghue, please let it be known that your good looks will NEVER fail you.


If I may indulge my biology nerdism to address Nick's zombification...sorry, I love TV but I love science even more...

It appears that the zombie goo has had two effects on Nick. First - it's slowed down his metabolic rate, which as you've already discussed, included a slowed heart rate as well. With a metabolic rate that slow, the body doesn't need nutrients/oxygen delivered to different parts of the body quite as urgently as a normal person, so the heart doesn't have to work as hard to pump blood around to deliver these things. By itself, that's not a big deal; a lot of endurance athletes have trained their body to have lower resting heart rates than normal folks, likely why Nick's doctor isn't too concerned.

The other effect, though, seems to be a paradoxical effect on his sympathetic nervous system, the part of the nervous system that reacts unconsciously to stress (fight or flight). It's supposed to speed up the metabolic rate, speed up the heart rate in a stressful situation. That part of the nervous system is also in play when we wake up, preparing our resting bodies for activity. It works opposite to the parasympathetic nervous system (which keeps us at rest). That's the interesting part of Nick's zombification, I think.

His body is now having the opposite reaction to stress and waking up. When Nick was doing the (fabulously shirtless) stress test, his heart rate never went above 30...most normal humans with decent cardiovascular fitness are around 65-70 and would go up into the 100s on a treadmill. And if you listened to the score/music/background while he was underwater saving the mermaid, you could hear his heartbeat. It was SUPER slow. It's also probably why he seems dead while sleeping; his body isn't really in a hurry to wake him up.

I think his sympathetic nervous system isn't working like it should; it's maintaining his ridiculously low metabolism all the time, when the opposite should be happening. I think THOSE are the times where he looks all zombie-ish.

Again, sorry for the rant...but who else am I gonna discuss this with?! :)


Fun episode. I always enjoy the procedural episodes of Grimm; it reminds me of the X-Files, a show that was able to balance freak-of-the-week with mythology quite well (at the beginning, anyway). This was a fun case to watch, and how the mermaid without a voice wasn't named Ariel is beyond me...unless Ellie was a nickname for Ariel...

REALLY looking forward to the return of Mama Grimm!! I think Juliette knows better at this point to think Nick is cheating. All of the references in the email should point to this being Grimm related as well. Hopefully they don't go down the "what-do-I-do-I-think-he's-cheating-on-me" route. I've just started to like Juliette, please don't give me a reason to dislike her again!!

On a scale of 1-10 - Monroe and Rosalee hit a 25 on the cuteness scale!

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