"The guy went from a womanizer with a hot body that we all loved to drool over for purely superficial reasons, to holy s^&*t did I just rewind my DVR 30 times to hear words uttered from those lips in that delightful little soft voice reserved only for her...while his shirt was ON?!?!?"

LOL!!! YES!! Oh my goodness, my sentiments exactly!!

The reason the two of them are good together is not just a "Felicity is better than Laurel" thing. It's a "Felicity is better for Oliver than Laurel is" thing. The character of Oliver Queen carries so much pain, regret and responsibility; it just makes us happy to see someone relieve that weight he carries. It gives us something tangible to root for. Oliver's a different, lighter person when he's with Felicity, and it's GREAT to watch.

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I love this post. Love, love, love this post. You nailed it!

I'm a comic book fan, and I also love watching comic book adaptations for the small and big screen. Pretty much EVERY adaptation will make changes to comic book "canon"...that's why they're "adaptations."

Some aren't very good (Iron Man 3 and Mandarin - okay then).

But so many of them turn out so well! See the Batman Animated Series and the creation of Harley Quinn. Same series and the revamped origin story of Mr. Freeze. Batman Beyond gave us a whole new Batman (Terry McGinnis) that kicked ass. The Green Lantern Animated series gave us Aya & Razer, two characters with one of the most intriguing relationships and character development I've ever seen. Smallville introduced Chloe Sullivan, who was arguably one of the best characters on that show (or she was while I was still watching it, anyway).

So hating the Oliver/Felicity pairing simply because it isn't "canon" closes us off to the possibilities and potential that come from good writing and great chemistry between actors. Why should they waste that kind of potential just to stick with an established story?

I love that the writers are maximizing the talent that they have and going down this road. Could it backfire? Absolutely. But I'd much rather if they tried something new and exciting, rather than playing it safe.

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Holy growth spurt, Batman - is it just me, or is Henry significantly taller now on the boat? I half expected his voice to start breaking. Go puberty!

I was a bit disappointed, honestly. I was hoping this was the end of the Pan story - so I honestly groaned audibly when we found out that Pan was now in Henry. But at least they're off the island.

My gosh, Regina is awesome. I love the evolution of her character, and Lana Parilla really nailed that scene over Henry's body. Henry really is all she has. I loved that no one made a fuss when she went to tuck Henry in. She's proven herself.

Christine - you nailed it. Regina had known love, and she couldn't live without it. There's never been any reason to doubt at all that Regina loves Henry, but watching the flashback and realizing that she actually magically quelled her own thirst for revenge to care for her adopted son - that was powerful.

I would have been okay if the Pan story ended there, honestly. I'm more interested now to see how this band of misfits is going to get along now that they don't have a common goal.


Favourite case ever. I have never laughed so hard at the resolution of a case. I didn't see it coming at all that it was the old lady, and her interrogation (followed by Renard's incredulity) was just hilarious. When the guy snatched her purse at the end I just couldn't stop laughing. I loved it. Go Grandma!

Good on Grimm for shaking up the normal procedures - discussing Wesen over dinner instead of the spice shop (hilarious), taking Juliette to the trailer instead of Hank/Nick, and actually not knowing whether the killer was Wesen or not until the very end.

I agree that Juliette's enthusiasm is a little over the top (especially in the trailer), but I'm glad she's useful. She also gave me a few laughs, especially with, "who is M and why does she love you?"

You think it's safe to say the baby is Renard's? I'm still not sold on that. I think it's gonna be Eric's, but because Renard's the better man, he'll probably end up raising the kid to protect him from the royal family. I do wish that part of the story would speed up though.

P.S. Love the Carmen Sandiego references :-)

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Agreed - hence "forgettable" :-)

Though there were a couple memorable episodes from that season - the puppets episode was fantastic, as was the body-switch episode.


I'm thankful for everything about Terry Crews, for the existence of Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy, for Sasha Roiz's shirtless rages, and for being a TV Fanatic :-)

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Absolutely loved this episode. The case was fun and kept you guessing, and everyone was on point and hilarious, and I LOVE when Beckett gets to smile (a lot) in an episode). Stana Katic has an adorable grin, and it really uplifts the episode when everything is light hearted and Beckett gets to look like she's having fun.

Great bromance moments between Ryan and Espo.

Loved it!!


1. If I HAD to talk about Laurel, I will say that the kick-her-while-she's-down storyline is progressing nicely (assuming that's what it's supposed to be). However - and I'm sorry - but I just don't find Katie Cassidy that convincing as a broken woman. At all.

Felicity's storyline - I think it was silly of her to go to the trailer herself. However, I think it was huge that she was willing to die rather than be the reason that Oliver killed someone again. I respectfully disagree with Hank - I don't see "brotherly" at all. They even change the score when the two are interacting. That final scene where Ollie goes to check on his friends, there's no background music when Oliver says he's checking on Diggle, and as soon as he turns to Felicity...strings!!!

2. So glad the Count is officially gone. He was a pretty bad villain. He was too much like the animated version of the Joker, but even the animated Joker was more menacing in his mania.

3. The "who" behind the outcome was a huge surprise to me. Was surprised to see Merlyn back so soon. Arrow doesn't waste time!

4. Thea will NOT get over it. And Carissa has a great point - she will now have lost 2 brothers at some point in her life. Even worse.

5. A(-) : losing points for the Count and for Katie Cassidy's acting. The reveal at the end and the Felicity/Oliver excellent interactions outweigh those though.

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I do have a question though - that I just thought of.

Whose shadow is that? The shadow was there before Rumple's dad became Pan - what's that story?


That's a good point re Laurel. Also, though, I think a huge part of it is that Oliver doesn't have to hide anything from Felicity, whereas he's hiding everything from Laurel. Felicity knows him and his secrets, she accepts that and she doesn't treat him any differently because of it. Oliver doesn't have to be afraid of what she'll think of him. That makes their connection more honest, lighter and more sincere.

Honestly - I completely forgot about the flu shot mention at the beginning. That was a facepalm moment for me.