I enjoyed both episodes - I thought Krampus was awesome. I really liked that Nick hesitated before killing Krampus though, even though he was being egged on by everyone. Nick's willing to kill in self-defense or to defend others, but I think he's trying to figure out where that line needs to be drawn. I think he hesitated because, Wesen or no Wesen, the guy was defenseless, lying unconscious on the ground.


Great RT!

1. I agree with everyone that said that Oliver's reaction was reflexive. He jumped to where the gun was...I think he would have done the same for Shado if the gun went to her first. However, he doesn't think so - he thinks it was his choice.

2. I have no idea where that's gonna go. Roy Harper and Oliver Queen have an interesting love/hate relationship in the comics, but it takes a while to get there. Maybe this adaptation is starting with the hate part, since Roy is still seething about taking an arrow to the knee.

3. I'm with Carla on this one. I never thought that Felicity had a problem making her opinion known. She's always called Oliver out on his mistakes or poor judgment, and they've never treated her as a lesser member of the team.

4. Warfarin very rarely causes hallucinations. I agree that it was the pressure of everything he was dealing with, along with wrestling with the guilt and responsibility he's been carrying for so long.

5. Omg - Kate, you want him to lose someone ELSE?! He's barely recovered from losing Tommy!
It's gonna come to a showdown between the two, but Oliver's no match for Slade. I have no idea how this is going to work out, and I LOVE it!

6. I love everything you all said. I just need to add...Can we please acknowledge how amazing Stephen Amell was in this episode? From his tantrum waking up, to his quiet disturbance when he first saw the Slade ghost, to the conversation about ghosts with Diggle, and the final scene with the ghost of Tommy...Amell was just on point the entire time. He nailed this episode.


Great review!! So. Much. Happening!!!

I really enjoyed this episode. Stephen Amell was on point - the scene where he and Diggle were talking about their ghosts was so well done! Also, for someone playing Green Arrow, he sure has a killer Batman stare-down...

Roy Harper - even in the comics and the animated shows - has anger issues. This is an interesting way to explore them. I'm also REALLY looking forward to the return of Barry Allen.

I have to disagree with anyone who says Shado's death was lame. Oliver was forced to make a "Sophie's Choice" - that kind of choice defines a person and lives with them forever. I'm betting that this will be a turning point for Oliver; the kind of guilt that comes from this death is more than would come with any heroic sacrifice. It's also a much bigger catalyst for revenge for Slade - Oliver can't really argue that it wasn't his fault, and he'll never believe it wasn't.

On another note, I preferred when the Felicity/Oliver thing was a bit more subtle. A slow burn would have been nice. That being said, Arrow's doesn't really do slow, so part of me that is grateful for the pacing and not dragging stories out.

Laurel...oh Laurel. What a crap story this poor character's been given. Katie Cassidy - I'm sorry, but I don't think she's very good at playing the broken woman. She was WAY better last season when Laurel was driven, decisive and strong.

P.S. Among the five contributors, last week's Round Table predicted almost everything that happened in this episode!

PPS. Solomon Grundy!!! I love how great these writers are with throwing names for us comic fans!


1. My theory is that the Blue Fairy was killed because she's the only real purveyor of "good" magic, and probably would have been able to throw a wrench in Pan's plans. Emma has barely tapped into her magic, and both Rumple and Regina are of the dark arts variety.

2. Rumpel, Belle and Baelfire, hands down. Rumpelstiltskin's redemption is the greatest thing to watch in this show, and that was such a fantastic moment for him.

3. Agreed about fake Henry. But it also killed my heart to see Regina standing all by herself.

4. I like David equally in both places, but Snow much more in the Enchanted Forest.

5. Jim - I will forever use that saying from now on!! Brilliant!!
I totally agree, she's making herself a martyr. She can absolutely have a partner if she picks the right person.

6. The whole episode seemed very disjointed to me, but if I had to pick a favourite, it would be David talking to Emma on the waterfront. That's the most paternal he has ever seemed, and I quite enjoyed it. Close second is Hook stating that he was devilishly handsome.


Just to defend Juliette's knowledge here - Veterinarians ARE doctors - just for animals, not humans. They have to know as much basic science as human medicine doctors do - their education curriculum includes anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, chemistry, histology, epidemiology, microbiology etc. Veterinary medicine, in some subjects, is even more complex and requires more knowledge than human medicine, simply because vets have so many more species to learn about.


I quite enjoyed this episode, and I loved the departure from the usual suspect being Wesen. Do we know, though, that this case didn't cause conflict for Monroe and Rosalee? They obviously disapproved of each other's tactics, and we didn't really get a resolution there.

Oh the mysteries of Renard. I'm amazed by how this show has gotten us to root for a character - for 3 seasons now - when we still don't know what his motivations are.

@Nick - the science was pretty sound (as sound as sci-fi fantasy gets). I will say that I did have to park my expectations of reality at the door with the resolution of the case. There's no way they could have known that hypothermia would have killed the parasite (that's very much TV science, seen it in other shows). That was a guess that could have cost the kid his life. I mean, it could have been any other number of homeostatic changes...alkalinity/acidity of the host, increased temperature, oxygen deprivation...


The only omission I can think of is Hannibal. If that show doesn't enhance the art of the moving image, I don't know what does.

Interesting lack of comedy - Veep's the only one.


I agree with the evolution of Oliver and Felicity's friendship - some good points raised. Although she totally is still crushing on Oliver.

However, this may be a point of interest for the first part of your discussion - the actress who plays Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) is actually younger than the guy playing Barry Allen (Grant Gustin). Emily is 22, Grant is 23. The guy just looks really young - and they played with that during the whole episode.

Felicity - the character - is only 25. And they didn't really specify how old Barry's supposed to be (but if you consider that he's working as an assistant in a police forensic lab, it's safe to assume that he's either in or completing college, and likely already in his 20s.)


1. I wasn't too surprised. Lisbon had been Jane's centre for so long, and she's kinda the only real friend he has.

2. He absolutely has a point. Jane can be a loose cannon, and the FBI may not be as permissive of his "any means to an end" methods.

3. He misses her, and she's sort of his moral compass. She grounds him, and he knows he needs that.

4. HAHAHAHAHA - hairporn!!! Okay, I gotta say, I LOVED Teresa's long curly hair. That's such a good look for her, and I hope she keeps it. But damn - Jane's curls are just always begging for my fingers...

5. I loved the reunion; it made me happy to see Jane be around someone who makes him smile! But I also really loved watching him contemplate taking his wedding ring off - there's such subtlety to Baker's acting, and that's always impressive to watch.


Hey - I just tried playing the video, but got a lovely lady's voice saying, "This content is currently unavailable". Is that for everyone, or just me over here in Canada?