Grey's Anatomy Scoop: The Interns Speak Out!

i still need to get to know the interns but i don't think there should be an episode based on their perspective.

How I Met Your Mother Review: Brains or Brawn

am i the only one who is honestly enjoying it?!

Castle Review: Behind the Murder

such a hilarious episode!
i could not stop laughing. Espo was by far the funniest.

Revenge Promo: Thanksgivings Past and Present

an extra week... how will i survive?

Revenge Review: Rough Day?

revenge did it again. I cannot imagine how they put all those plots in their and in an hour nonetheless.
I love how emily dealt with Mason.. amazing!
I miss the old Nolan and Emily
i hate that grayson is taking Nolan's company.. i would hate to see nolan getting 'poor' How could i possibly wait an extra week??

Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "Beautiful Doom"

i personally liked how they addressed lexie's death.. i know it seems impersonal but it has been a while.
but i would like to have had them make me cry a river if they focused more on lexie..
Dr. Thomas was the best so of course, Shonda killed him

Revenge Sneak Peek: On the Front Porch ...

yeah... victoria is always on that balcony of hers so maybe she sees?

Grey's Anatomy Sneak Peeks: The Formula

must watch!!


that is how you end a series. it was absolutely beautiful...
desperate housewives will absolutely be missed

Revenge Sneak Peeks: Emily vs. Mason!

wow! he thinks they were lovers