How I Met Your Mother Review: No Backsies

i liked it . this show will always make me laugh


wow branching out.. taking revenge to LA for a little while

Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Who Will Die in 2013?!

please please not a core character... i don't think i can survive more trauma and death

Castle Review: Meet The Parents

I loved martha and jim.. i love how they became friends
the castle was so intense and crazy!

Revenge Round Table: "Penance"

Treadwell's downfall was beautifully executed.. only emily could do it in such a crazy twisty way
more surprising was conrad and victoria's hand holding..
of course Nolan was and will always be a hero... anything for ems

Grey's Anatomy Episode Preview: Lending a Hand

Callie will be able to repair derek's hand hopefullly!!
and i don't think the bombshell could be about owen and the lawsuit because they already said it in second opinion

Constance Zimmer to Recur on Grey's Anatomy

i'd rather it be her than jo for karev
and she's really pretty

Castle Round Table: "Swan Song"

such a fun episode! i loved esposito HILARIOUS! and of course kate sticking out her tongue at the end

Grey's Anatomy Review: Change of Heart

Really good episode and I'm so happy Cristina's back!!
i loved how Arizona got to work and i was really worried that bailey's plan might totally backfire..
oh the memories in Mere's house

Roma Maffia to Guest Star on Grey's Anatomy

well as always,, i'm super excited to see familiar faces on grey's