Revenge Round Table: "Revelations"

great episode. I loved Ashley's downfall and cannot wait for Victoria and Emily's unholy alliance.
i love this show

Castle Round Table: "Secret Santa"

the scene at the end amazing and i loved beckett's explanation of why she doesnt really celebrate christmas anymore..heartbreaking.
a month til the next episode.. wow it'll be reruns galore

Grey's Anatomy Review: Bright and Shiny

i loved the part towards the end where the interns see yang like pumping someone's heart and they're all just amazed.. they used to be us. It really shows how much theyve grown and learned in the past 8 years.
i loved jo's back story and Ross is one of my favorite interns. I still dont know the other intern's names..
great episode! thank goodness there's another one next week before they go on hiatus

Once Upon a Time Review: Good Always Wins

i think they really should have invited regina to have lunch with them because she did have a major part in taking care of henry and opening the portal for them.
she really has changed but this constant doing good and just continually losing henry to emma might steer her in the wrong direction again.

Revenge Review: Changing of the Guard

oohh and victoria enlisting emily's help :))

Revenge Review: Changing of the Guard

I liked how they brought down ashley.. but my dislike for her is so much deeper.
Sorry,, i still think aiden is just getting in the way of daniel and emily.
never stop believing haha
i cant believe there won't be a new episode until next year :0
hope daniel's prepared for what the initiative is planning

Grey's Anatomy Review: All In

LOved the episode! made me cry tears of joy!

How I Met Your Mother Review: I Fought the Law

i hated at first when the court was biased towards Brad but when marshall began winning the fight, i enjoyed it.
loved their fight for the ultimate bad ass
the reaction of robin when maybe she realizes she could actually make it work between them

Revenge Review: A Journey With No End

I felt so bad for victoria and her horrible past leading her to become the woman she is now.
soo the porters have bad blood with kenny/father
emily and aiden well,, for now i cant fight it. it happened.
great episode but didnt really care for porters thing

Castle Round Table: "After Hours"

i really loved this episode. it was so intense and then at the end so happy.
jim and martha being friends at the end was so nice