How I Met Your Mother Season 9: Confirmed!

YAY!! more barney and robin as a couple


Looking forward to the coming info about the lawsuit


and here it is!
Tears!! at the end of the episode. It was unbelievably amazing.
they all grew and it's not just a building, it was their lives.
Great episode to leave us waiting for next year

How I Met Your Mother Review: Say My Name

Great episode! It was really funny with the jinx.. but the 2nd episode was even better.. wait for it!!

How I Met Your Mother to End After Season 8?

i'd love for them to continue but if the gang's gonna be incomplete, i'd rather not


the episodes are getting better and funnier.


enjoyed learning more about jo.. at first i didnt really like her but i suppose she's getting better.
i loved the scene at the end where the interns are in awe of our new attendings

Once Upon a Time Review: Good Always Wins

great episode!
they should give regina more credit. she certainly has and is trying to change for the better

Once Upon a Time Round Table: "Queen of Hearts"

i think its possible that regina may turn back to the dark side because after all the good things she's done so far, she doesnt get what she wants.. i would think that emma would have at least invited regina to lunch with them at granny's because she did take care of henry and helped open the portal. I mean i don't want regina to turn bad for henry's sake but they gotta welcome her into the famiy too.
Regina's fear of her mother did overpower her emotions because after all, she knows what cora's capable of and she above all wants to protect henry.


brobibs, robin's own playbook. and ted's great overdoing it uncle thing
i did not expect the patrice thing but it kinda shows robin that Barney actually needed someone to talk to not just someone he would sleep with.
robin was all caught up in her quest to get over her barney phase that she forgot to be a good friend

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