Grey's Anatomy Review: Heart Of The Hospital

really great episode! I loved Karev and Jo's story line.
Thank goodness that the hospital was saved but now Jackson's gonna be the big boss. He never wants something under the name of Avery but he has to now. For the sake of the hospital Mer's baby bump!

How I Met Your Mother Review: Crazy Stupid Love

haha great episode! loved it

Castle Round Table: "Recoil"

such a great episode! the intensity towards bracken. And beckett being torn between good and bad. "Maybe the right choice is the one you can live with"
She couldve just let him get murdered but then there wouldn't be justice for the victim and thats the one thing she always does. Honors the victim and brings them justice.

Revenge Review: 'Til Death Do Us Part

I still cant trust padma because of course, her love for her father will overcome anything, even her love for Nolan.

Revenge Review: 'Til Death Do Us Part

such an intense episode.
I hate how Amanda used emily's things to blackmail conrad
I understand emily's feel for Aiden but i'm not really feeling him. No one has mentioned how weird(er) jack looked with no facial hair. omg
Loved Victoria and of course, i was waiting for the Amanda to EXPLODE but I'll deal with a stowaway.
Jack's storline just got interesting, he's about to die

Grey's Anatomy Review: This Is a Family

It was such a great episode! I really enjoyed Callie and Webber's part.Mr and Mrs Plantain :D It has always come to my mind that they should be the ones to buy the hospital

Grey's Anatomy Review: Finding Ways To Recover

Bailey was hilarious with her HG references.
Arizona is indeed back and for the better. The person though, teaching the hernia repair was way out of line saying the patients didnt matter. Great Episode!

Revenge Review: Keep Your Enemies Closer

I knew it!! Never trusted Padma from the beginning. Guise, I am demily forever!


Only Shonda and Grey's can make you smile and cry. Oh how she toys with our emotions.
It was hilarious between April and Shane.
Alex and Jo ~~ not sure
Avery and Stephanie come on, I'm Japril all the way.
The ending part was just so emotionally crippling.
Crowen, 'no more hurting each other' hope they find a way back to each other.

Revenge Round Table: "Power"

It's hilarious seeing conrad dressed so laid back.
I am so team Demily so I really want Emily to fall in love with Daniel again!!