Castle Season 6: Our Wish List

all i need from season 6 is happy caskett and a beautiful wedding gown

Game of Thrones Season 3 Report Card: A

amazing finale. the way they're setting it up for dany to get the throne.
i need more sansa and arya in my life though


im still iffy on jack but i guess he can help emily but i will always love emily and daniel. but since they're engaged and its not real love, i don know


attention staff!
can we maybe get this comment removed. anyways, the locket, im so excited

Doctor Who Season 7 Report Card: Grade A

amazing series. the way amy and rory departed was heartbreaking
but of course, i love my impossible girl

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Report Card: B-

it is hard to believe its gonna be 10 seasons soon


the eulogies are just hilarious. jack willl have an unbelievably hard time accepting that. he may know that emily was in fact the real amanda, he's gonna have difficulty accepting all the lies.
Nolan that had to be the worst my poor baby cant go to jail


Yes! All my shows have been renewed.

Revenge Review: Rules of Engagement

what the heck happened. that has to be the best episode so far.
I gots to know what's up with takeda and aiden. dear god.
i think victoria made it seem that the audio was leaked by conrad
can't wait for the next one


oh god. just let them have a happy finale. better not hurt the baby.
is the finale just gonna be an hour?
mer would probably have stress induced labour maybe even in an elevator that's stuck. stuff happens in elevators man.
really hope no one dies this time.
any news with what shows are being renewed