Barry Sloane as Aiden Mathis

looking dapper

Revenge Photo Preview: Back in 2006 ...

i dont really care for ashley but i'm excited to see if she actually has a purpose in this show
looks awesom its totally gonna be worth the extra week we'll have to wait for it

Coming to Revenge: A Judge and an Old Friend

that sounds cool.. knowing revenge, i have no idea what could happen

Revenge Round Table: "Illusion"

Emily in that red dress!! Stunning!
They need to deal with Mason and by the looks of the promo, emily will (maybe not in the way we want it though)

Castle Review: May Fortune Guide Your Journey

Such a fun episode.!
I loved the Lord of the Rings shoutout from Ryan!

Revenge Review: Happily Never After

that was really good.
THey need to do something about mason.. he's gonna be dead soon :)
please its all about emily and daniel. it was so sweet when ems said you can still change course. and daniel said you think
they belong together..
jack and fauxmanda are getting married hmm.. may this be the second wedding of the season.

Revenge Sneak Peek: An Awkward Encounter

haha... looks good


now i'm really excited.. a few curveballs yeah... emily is human, not some crazy vengeance robot.. (maybe a little crazy)

Castle Round Table: "Probable Cause"

this has to be the best episode so far.

Grey's Anatomy Photo Preview: "Second Opinion"

they did the right choice of not taking the money.

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