Revenge Review: Save The Date

also, emily couldn't possibly die. she is the show after all.

Revenge Review: Save The Date

The ending was mindblowing and yes, i agree that charlotte was a bit irrelevant and i was wondering where her baby went.
Jack just hurt emily's feelings. i don't really like them two together but come on. he's just lying to himself saying he feels nothing for her.
double infinity. august 8 is officially my date for everything. fan theory, aidan shoots her. i cant even believe he would even wanna take down emily ugh. looking forward to the entire season.

How I Met Your Mother Review: Canuckin' Nuts

i cant believe this is gonna be their last season. so we know everyone's gonna give it their all.
the mother and lily meeting was very comedic. the flashback thing from ted when he's talking to his wife shredded my heart. and the barney robin feels. they complete each other and they dont have to wait anymore because theyve got each other. looking forward to this season and its sad to see that its the last.

Castle Review: Will She Marry Him?

it was very cute and adorable. its hard to believe that the couple i've been rooting for all these years are getting married. she has to come back to ny soon though.
man, castle will do anything to get out of eating a papaya steak.

Grey's Anatomy Review: Surviving the Storm

First off, i'm not liking the intern pairing anymore. Seeing alex and jo, im not feeling it like i did last year. think they're better off as friends with some sexual tension or something. Jackson and April needs to happen. but i understand why jacksons mad. he wanted to be with april but she said no. so he moved on you know stuff is going down when its someone else who's narrating. the actor renewed his contract right???
cristina wow. the character develpment is so beautiful. when she was with all the children wow. her performance was so amazing and its sad to think that this is gonna be her final season. and her goodbye to owen.
mousy's death was bad and i liked shane but i dont think i can forgive him for that. just so he could assist shepherd.i didnt like how the interns stole meredith's story just to help the mum. really did not like that. and after all the hours they logged in at the hospital, the time they spent together, they dont even give a crap about each other. come on. that was disgusting. the flood gates were opened when arizon went to mer's house because she missed sophia. truly the tears were flowing and i just couldn't anymore. i dont know whats gonna happen. you're my girl ic ant


amazing season.

Revenge Season 3 Scoop: Who's Out?

ehh, she had the worst story line. safe to say, she wont be missed

BBC Renews Doctor Who for Season 8

woohoo season 8.
i also thought that they renewed matt for this season. but now he's leaving.
at least we'll still have him for the 50th and the christmas special.

Matt Smith to Depart Doctor Who

heartbreaking news but as he said, a good actor knows when to close the curain
he is my favourite but we'll have to trust in moffat to bring someone just as great

Castle Season 5 Report Card: A-

i really loved this season due to the fact that they're together!
very comedic but i need some more suspense.