I too agree with the theory of elena's dad/uncle being alive shoot it happened in scandal!!!

this new plot of augustine vampire seems watchable if portrayed rightly that is plec.......caroline hating on damon bore me the flip later! we are in the 5th season now on the 8th episode please lets move on and have a secure purpose for caroline. she's more than the role they are making her become!

katerina no! she can't ever die! she's the only reason a part from elijah why i put up with this show* on that account when is he going to make a cameo....

overall, i ship katerina and stefan always have and always will and never will stop unless elijah declares his love again for katerina petrova

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emanda and jack ended when she was 8 and when she fell for daniel in S1. there is something between her and aiden, just because they don't proclaim doesn't mean there isn't...

But anywho back to the matter at end LYDIA IS ALIVE HOW!!!! now if frank was alive still he would have killed her straight and properly. my my vicki and connie the hole just gets deeper and deeper. and hey what happened to the author i miss him being on the screen


i thought it was mellie's digression before liv arrived that caused their marital issues. i felt for mellie but didn't like how she couldn't tell fitz! i agree with users stating that this revelation could have possibly saved their marriage but then this show wouldn't have been possible. and another thing, liv isn't the only woman Fitz has cheated on mellie with so leave her alone!!

can't wait for harison story and still say he is linked to liv in a bigger way, like a secret brother that she found out about and has since done everything to keep him safe.....


Called the mum so no surprise, i now stand by my theory of the mother being a spy and the dad sent to kill her. now we wonder what she did and what her role was.....did this stunt help popa pope become commander?

Quinn honey we all knew you'd get you're wish and become a member of wonderland. shouldn't have looked to hard in the rabbit hole. hopefully this now means quinn will kill popa pope and finally end B613 or even perhaps become the new commander and leave P&A...?

Also confused that everyone has just recently figured out that commander is liv's dad..... how did no one make connections or anything!!!


Thats what i was just thinking too!!! which name is it?????? or is rowan a fake name..?

As i digress, the episode had alot of gasping and aha moments but i'm sorry, has not changed my mind on mellie.
i understand what she has sacrificed and been through, however another part agrees with what cy said to her before he left off in the station wagon. the quote regarding fitz becoming her life and job if she wants him to become POUTS let alone governor


it should reflect the story from when ted was with rachel bilson character and doesn't outstay it's welcome like it's counterpart show


I liked this episode!! so want danny and mindy!!! why won't they admit it!!! aghh writers!!


did no one notice that marshall wasn't really there and was edited in.....

finally another mum scene !!! but why didn't barney take her number for goodness!! that would have made more sense if she was always there. and no signs of her playing guitar yet when does this come into play?


I think margaux has been sent for either Nolan or Emanda. remember she was snooping at the beginning, shoot she could even be after graysons!! either way don't like her and wih fauxmanda was still around.

person coming back could be hartley, or emanda's brother....... not her mum PLEASE!!!

like emanda with aiden but don't think she should be with any man, she has too many issues tbh to ever be happy.

charlotte girl bye!!! im just meh meh and MEH!!! she could have stayed in europe tbh and skype call like marshall is on HIMYM.

vicki what have they done to yours and connie's character, i am getting bored!!!
like that the UB actress still has jobs, i only really liked her character on the show but as i digress her character was underused and wanted more dirt on patrick tbh and margeux! why didn't ems think to search.

this lil miss sarah, i skip these scenes and don't see the point. no complications get to the point and finish the show now


i too don't favour henry atm, he is reminding me of eric/lil j/charlotte/declan/florrick kids etc! they need to change him up and make him less annoying. happy SB was presented to us again thank goodness!! n no one has addressed how pan has let the brothers leave the island and still be alive too..