Scandal Review: Power Corrupts

Insanity. Pure insanity. Fantastic review by the way because it is two days later and I'm still speechless. This show is utterly ridiculous. Utterly, insanely ridiculous and yet it is so damn good. I don't even care. Fitz was one character who despite his affair came across as untainted somehow and now he's a murderer. I had that back and forth too when he was making his way to her bed...I mean Fitz would never...but boy did he. This cast is incredible. One of the best casts on television... I mean Guillermo as my lovable psychopathic Huck gets me every time. Bellamy is so brilliant at playing Mellie. Kerry, this cast. I look forward to seeing what Fitz and Mellie look like, how Olivia copes with losing her diabolical motherfigure, questioning the morality of Cyrus her father figure, and losing her love. And Scott Foley is coming to town Can't wait!

Danielle Campbell Joins Cast of The Originals

Hmmm. Well alrighty then.

The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "Into the Wild"

-zzzzzzzz.... I'm sorry, did someone say something? I'm with you Leigh.That may work better than Ambien. Umm...Klaus said something witty in that delicious voice of his with the equally as delicious accent. And he face acted like a Boss.
-Seriously? That's a legitimate question? I think not.
-No. Why would he? He's damn near top of the food chain for fudge's sake. But he probably will be forced to somehow so there is that.
-No. But I kinda want to see it anyway. Even though Caroline totally sucks again. Season 4 Caroline =Season 1 Caroline with fangs.
-The Grill.

The Vampire Diaries Review: A Dirty Rotten Shane

Thank you Matt. I am in complete concurrence with everything you said. It was by far the weakest episode of the season so far.

Daniella Pineda: Cast on The Originals!

@drich 61 If I may can I give you a mini history lesson? I assure you I'm not being rude here. The unfortunate thing about teaching black history or most history in general in school is that they don't teach you everything. It could still make historical sense. Not every black person in America was a slave during that time. Also, ready for this one? There were in fact black people on American soil prior to slavery. They used to work side by side with other immigrants no problems before the slave trade became a thing. There used to be a whole city of wealthy black people before it was burned down. Also in Louisiana there used to be a small population of educated biracial and blacks that were separate from those in slavery. Mostly composed of descendants of those here prior to slavery. So no, it isn't historically impossible and now that Marcel is in fact cast as a black /mulatto maybe we'll see what the background story is. Just my 2¢. :)


@Sa'ad how is Marcel not an appropriate name? They are in New Orleans. Heavily Cajun and Creole. French names for all ethnicities are common there. It's a common name for blacks in that area too. Also, maybe she did, maybe she didn't but having a little color in show that is supposed to be taking place in a very diverse location isn't bad and makes sense. Twice so far for him and with the latina. Finally!
I know some are already questioning the believability but whether people realize it or not, there were blacks that weren't slaves. There were blacks here before slavery even began. There was a population of biracial individuals who were free in those parts as well. So if it turns out that he wasn't a slave (because he could have came after slavery, don't know why people are assuming he's that old) it would still make sense.

Edwin Hodge Cast on NCIS: Los Angeles Spinoff

Lol! He plays his brother's character!! Awesome!! I love the Hodge boys and I'm happy to see him in something new. Sounds promising.

Scandal Round Table: "Truth or Consquences"

-When Huck visited, plopped right on the bed like he owned the place,and as usual offered to kill someone for her. Huck is one of my favorite characters anyways but I will ALWAYS love the special friendship and bond he has with Olivia. They trust each other implicitly. Its my fave platonic relationship above Mellie and Cyrus.
-A new player.
-I don't really care! Like Sophie on Leverage...I don't really need to know. Huck Finn works for me!
-Yes. It's a little grey tinged at times but her intentions are what matters.
-I think she already knows.

Suits Review: Daddy Issues

While Louis and Katrina were amusing it rubbed me the wrong way. I get why Harvey, Donna, Jessica, and Mike are the way they are with Lois. It's complicated. Some of them communicate a certain way there is a history, good natured teasing, filling respective roles, sibling like jesting with the nobody messes with my annoying brother but me...rooted in respect thing. Katrina is new to the game. Respect the pecking order. Hell despite everything even Mike has to respect it to some degree. So I kept thinking who the hell does she think she is? And have at least one person leave Louis alone. Still don't care for Rachel though her relationship with her father was interesting and it was nice seeing her interact with Harvey for a change. LOVED the Harvey/Mike scenes Harvey /Jessica scenes and Donna. All of them were so humorous.

Daniella Pineda: Cast on The Originals!

@youngman your post amused me to no end and I hate to say it but I concur. My sentiments exactly.
@KE for me personally the problem I had with TVDs pattern of black witches was the fact that witch became synonymous with supernatural slave and it went unaddressed. If they gave a reason or an iota of backstory as to what the correlation is it would have been really interesting. But they didn't and then to make matters worse they out of nowhere threw in a random white warlock that came after Elena that time and injured mayor Lockwood by sending her tumbling down the stairs with his powers. Can't recall if he was Elijah's warlock or Klaus' I think he was Klaus. Then they threw in Esther but I got the impression she learned from the black witch with them.So they set up a precedent than stopped it all unexplained. I'm appreciative of the Hispanic actress but I hate that they set something in motion never explained, then conveniently dropped it

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