Chicago Fire Review: The Hunt for '51

It was a rather blasè premiere, but I know how this show picks up. I'm not a fan of Casey and Heather, but this development with her being charged with DUI and vehicular manslaughter, I presume, could be interesting with his Voight history and taking care of the kids for her, especially given how much he wanted kids of his own. Casey goes through hell all the time, but should be interesting. I hate that Shay comes across as the bad guy for looking out for Severide. Hate that they aren't roommates anymore because I adore their friendship. I'm curious about who is after him and why, but Jeff always finding the piece is suspicious.I wasn't a fan of how out of the way they went to make him appear nefarious with the looks and all. Gail made me cringe but if it leads to Mouch stuff than fine. They really did sweep the Mills bit under the rug.

Hostages Review: Don't Give Up

It was definitely an interesting watch. No shocker that the suburban family each harbored their own dirty little secrets. I'm curious to know all the ends and outs. Why does the president have to die? What does Duncan, who seems to be competent and decent, thankfully after all the unnecessary grabbing and shoving and yelling subsided a tad, and he extended a considerate gesture like hiding the pregnancy test, it was easier to go back to liking and being intrigued by him. The president's secondhand wasn't surprising. The distant relationship with Duncan and his daughter's grandfather had me thinking it is his wife's father. It's interesting enough with a solid start, but I'm trying to understand how there can be any longevity to this, with this type of storyline. At best it's a mini-series.


I personally didn't dislike Shaw. She's a female badass and she was interesting. I just would have rather she guest starred as needed like Zoe and Leon. I'm not enthused over her being made a series regular. I enjoyed Carter being the only woman in the mix on a regular basis. I've been disappointed in how they slowly edge Lionel out. I mean the opening of this article doesn't even count him as one of the main characters and I thought he was. Did that change and I missed it? They perfected the chemistry on this show with the cast and it was more or less working wonderfully, and now there are new characters added into the mix. Also, I never seen,"sparks" between Shaw and Reese. The woman is incapable of feelings,which I enjoyed about her intro. Interesting article. Sarah is cool. I don't hate Shaw, but not all that excited about her as a permanent addition.

Suits Season 3 Report Card: Grade It!

-Best episode...besides the finale is probably Endgame. Jessica and Harvey made up and took out Darby.
-You just got litt up will always be a fave. I want that mug.
-Mike and Jessica. The others were ...whatever but Mike's lack or respect and disregard for authoritative figures annoys me. There is a hierarchy and chain of command. He doesn't have to like Jessica but respect her as your boss and the complex partnership she has with Harvey, and know that she has valid reasons for being irritated by your existence. No one who shouldn't be there can get away with the attitude and such he displays towards Jessica, his boss.
-Pearson Specter
-Harvey and Jessica
-Less romance focus. Interesting cases. Less inner office turmoil. Suits back on track.

Rookie Blue Season 4 Report Card: A-

-Traci and Steve. They do have a mutual respect and understanding. He knows when to let her be and when to push her. She balances out some of his lighthearted, juvenile but endearing behavior. I enjoyed them most of all. Great banter and cuteness. It was great watching them unfold.
-Nick and Andy. It wasn't long enough and because you knew it was heading to disaster it was almost painful to watch. Nick is a great guy and he and andy have an amazing relationship, but Sam and andy are endgame. I almost wish they hadn't started something they knew they couldn't finish with Nick, maybe it should have been an outsider.
-more traci and Steve. Chloe pulling through. Callaghan integrated in more. Nick on solid ground and happy. Chris having his own story devoid of fatherhood. Noelle and Frank.

Rookie Blue Season 4 Report Card: A-

-You Can See The Stars, it was suspenseful and entertaining. A great finale.Touching moments and angst all around.
-Friday the 13 for the reasons mentioned. Sam is endearing because of his loyalty, but it clashed with his sense of morals so horribly that I cringed. It felt all wrong.
-Chloe. I had no intentions of loving her by season end but I do.
-Chris. He had no story or presence. I was tired of the kid thing. He needed and deserved more.
-Steve Peck. He made me smile every time he appeared. I missed him when he wasn't onscreen. If Traci isn't in love I am.
-Noelle.why isn't she on more? She's barely been seen consistently since the first season.:(


Honestly, I was not entirely impressed or interested in this season. I spent most of the time waiting for Eyal to pop back up so that I could smile again and he could salvage a season that I thus far found unnecessarily convoluted and tedious. I spent the rest of the time with my four season long gripe about Annie never changing her wig, no hair dye, no haircut, no scarf, no burka., not even a freaking scrunchie. Then with five minutes left Oded Fehr appeared as if summoned from the heavens and the previews showed Annie as a brunette. Five minutes of the season thrilled me. I actually loved the summer finale. It was the strongest episode of the season. While it wasn't truly shocking that Calder was on the right side and that Annie would fake her death, it was great watching the episode unfold. I'm actually looking forward to October now. I don't fully understand Henry's beef either.Can't wait to see him go down.


Love her! The goddess that is Gina Torres.

Sleepy Hollow Review: Not Your Parents' Fairy Tale

I thought it was rather incredible for a pilot. Most pilots suffer from pilotitus trying to cram the entire plot summary and lay down the premise in forty something minutes. As far as pilots go, it was remarkably well done. The chemistry between the leads was a definite highlight. They worked well together and that will make all the difference because you can do many things to mask imperfections along the way, but you can't fake chemistry. I could have watched an entire episode of Ichabod trying to adjust to time jump. The reviewer was correct, not everyone could pull off lines about emancipation of slaves and things of that nature without it rubbing the wrong way, but with Mison it worked. Abby is a strong leading femalewithout the usual characteristics that fall under that trope and it's a breath of fresh air. There were tiny little things to work through, but overall it was thoroughly enjoyable and I'm sold.

Suits Review: Time Machine

@ilikesuits I'm in complete concurrence with everything you said.