Perception Canceled by TNT After Three Seasons

I honestly forgot when it came back on. I have five episodes saved that I'll most likely delete. But I have no idea where they are going with all this rebranding. If they want to try things out they could always ease up on the 25 episodes of Castle they air a week. I say this as a castle fan. Personally I'm still pissed about Leverage. Leverage is one of those shows that could've easily gone on for another 5 years.


-Damon leaving the voice mail for Bonnie. (Jeremy with the whole " but she doesn't like you bit made me chuckle). This show has done something I never anticipated. It's made me invested in Damon and Bonnie screen time. I actually miss AU 1994 Mystic Falls. It was the best thing about this season so far. I never imagined that Ian and Kat and their real life chemistry and camaraderie could breathe such life into the show like this but I'm glad it did. I'm glad Kat Graham has finally been given something to work with because her character always gets shafted (in none of the fun ways either) and it contributed to my frustration with her character for years.
- No. He's been a dick, except unlike his brother he didn't quite pull it off, and it wasn't even fun jackass Stefan like when he's a ripper. He just gave up on his brother who despite his many flaws never actually gives up on him, but that would've been acceptable if he hadn't lied about it and ran away. That's what made it intolerable. He reached a new low turning Enzo over to be killed. Not maimed or imprisoned but actually killed. His brother's problematic bff, who is psychotic, yes, but an unofficial member of their team now. Like what? Why? Not holier than though Stefan. It was not only ooc, it was unwarranted given the timing and plain stupid.
-Sure. Maybe he'll see the glaringly obvious now. I'm indifferent to the ship, as I tend to be with most of them, but as a friend he did her wrong so go Caroline. I only wish they put this much thought into when everyone treats Bonnie like ish, but alas...
- Cop out to the first. Predictable to the last. This show has a long history of tripping over continuity boulders and falling into plot holes but this Alaric being human again cheese has less holes. Why couldn't he stay a vampire? Like suck it up man. You weren't just a vampire you were an original. A little help from Elijah in new Orleans and he could have really been a badass. Oh right something needed to complicate Delena which brings me to...
- Probably. Because for some reason they can't let it go. I love Delena as much as the next fan but this is ridiculous. Have you seen Elena without a Salvatore brother? She's actually likeable. Is it too much to ask that she be single? Because care free college Elena is the best. I even don't mind her new human beau. Why beat a dead horse. We had Delena and it was great but let it go. Single Elena is a breath of fresh air. And Damon can be okay without her. Like look at him and Bonnie. It doesn't have to be an actual bamon ship but you can't tell me that them bickering and being unexpected bffs while he bitches about Elena and Bonnie is the voice of the viewers when she tells him to suck it up and get over it while they lie on a bed and share a bowl of ice cream and he downs more bourbon. Like I could watch the crap out of them. BamonThe other version of Steroline. Like I never in a million years thought I'd be defending Bonnie and asking for all the Bamon ever.
-Hopefully trying to find a way home. God knows nobody else is going to do it. She's probably making herself vampire pancakes, listening to Salt n Pepa and wearing Damon ' s flannel shirt while ignoring Kai. B.B. come home. Please.

Scandal Round Table: An Unholy Alliance

- Helen of Troy. Riveting scene right there. They finally gave Tom an opportunity to speak more than ten words and it was disturbing and magical. I was thinking about that monologue for days. Welcome to the Monologue club Brian L. You've been paying attention and nailed the hell out of it. I have a twisted love for Tom and this made it worse. Second best goes to Abby with the yahtzee confession. Also her scene with Liv in the office. I'm rooting for the rare underdog moments and Tom and Abby rarely get to shine but they did this episode.
- I don't even know. I can't even guess. Who is scarier than her own parents?
- Meh. I can't even give kudos for him dropping his candidate because I was hoping to see Olivia destroy Chip just like she busted his kneecaps. If this show needs anything it needs more sisterhood. But meh. I can take or leave him.
- Cyrus is a monster. He'll milk this for all its worth. He has sex and an arsenal wrapped in one hunk. Do you Cy.
- God only knows. Ironically Jake and olivia are the strongest of the three. It's Always adorable how Fitz thinks he has power and is in charge. Though he can maybe play Rowan by pretending to be gullible now that he no longer is gullible and that'll help. I mean Joe Morton is so deliciously diabolical in this role that part of me doesn't want him to be taken down.


-Alaric's compulsion should've worn off when he died. He's conveniently human again. Fair enough. At least he's still here.
-So jo is a witch. Likely kai sister. Why is she in mystic falls? I loved her cut the bs moment with Elena.
-The forgotten Salvatore Descendent of the forgotten Salvatore. I don't know if I want them to just ff to her meeting her uncles or just cut her out all together. The last is unfortunate because I never frown upon diversifying the cast for bloody sake. I just don't know what comes of her presence and the stuff we have seen hasn't been interesting at all.
-Delena intensity visually was great and all but I think I've stopped caring. Single Elena has been great. Tolerable even. Her friendship with Stefan has been refreshing, it's easy to forget they ever dated. Which is crazy but in a good way. I just don't want to see Damon pining after her again. More. When his focus could be elsewhere like balancing out his friendships to Alaric and Enzo and working to get back his AU kindred Bonnie. The Bamon, as they call it, stuff has been the most interesting aspect of the season and if they go back to Damon primarily focusing on Elena and Ed Lena alone we'll miss out on this refreshing new dynamic. I loved his phone call to her with his abashedly that he kinda sorta missed her. That was a friendship I could watch more of. Let's focus on getting her back. Stefan was less of a jackass but I still don't get the whiplash that is his character. The whole selling enzo out to be killed thing without a second thought is mind boggling from Mr. Morality. Failing to think of all the repercussions was equally as ??? Attempting to rescue him later didn't make up for it. But whatever.

Scandal Season 4 Episode 7 Review: Helen of Troy

I loved Tom's Helen of Troy monologue. The guy never has more than 10 words tops to utter and he finally got something substantial and Seriously hats off to Brian L because his performance was incredible from his delivery to that broken, helpless, but somehow likeable and redeemable b613 glossy eyes. The face that launched a thousand ships. I don't think he was degrading Olivia at all and it wasn't just about her being beautiful. He was in awe of her power, because she's beautiful, intelligent, and powerful. A lethal combination that brings men and women alike to their knees. I thought it was a brilliantly written, executed, and fitting monologue. Abby reminded me of the season one vulnerable but fiery Abby I loved. The one who talked about Olivia pope taking a tire iron to Charle' kneecaps to get Abby out. The over the cliff speech abbu. One of the things that Olivia pope lacks is a close and real girl friend. She has Jake now as her stand in bestie and sex buddy and prior to him she had Stephen who served as bff, but no really deep connections with females her age who she let in. She's finally letting Abby in and I like seeing that. Abby on the floor in her office was so emotional as was her holding that gun and confronting him, her talking to Olivia afterwards, and the my ex beat me yahtzee scene with Leo and their kiss later.


I'm trying to summon a damn to give and quite frankly I'm fresh out. No disrespect to Matt Barr, he seems great, but I don't get the necessity of his character. To put a wedge between Abbie and Ichabod? Katrina and their conflicting feelings on Henry and the apocalypse is sufficient for that. To put her at odds with her sister? Their childhood history, the presence of the new captain, and the fact that protective jenny gets pissed that abbie puts herself in jeopardy more than she ever needs to for the Cranes is sufficient for that. To act as mercenary and bring expertise? Jenny. He's actually quite literally taking Jenny screen time away. He's a white male version of Jenny. To be a potential love interest? We still don't even know what happened to Luke Morales. Hell dead Andy Brooks has more untapped potential and at least those options wouldn't have called for bringing in new characters when ththey still haven't sufficiently explored some of the ones they already have (had). Plus, hey, you know, the whole diversity thing they had going last year that was refreshing and what not. Reading this interview just reminds me that Hawley as a character is tropes within unnecessary and lazy tropes. The guy between 2 sisters? Why? Why do we need that again. It's offensive. For a show that can actually pass the Bendchel test.


Their promotion for this show sucked. I remember watching the pilot because John Cho and then honestly forgetting when it came on because of limited promos. I just watched the two episodes this week again because a friend reminded me it was on. I loved them. Great characters and great fun. They barely give shows a chance any more but at least show the remaining episodes. On another note, I more than welcome John Cho returning to Sleepy Hollow in the interim. Andy Brooks was an intriguing character with a backstory that wasn't tapped into and unlike som e of the other characters presently occupying too much space, he's actually worthy of a redemption arc.Plusbif it restores the diversity in the cast that had a hand in making Sleepy Hollow a hit last year but has caused raised eyebrows Crane style thus year then go for it. Either way, I need to see John Cho on my screen.


Honestly, Bonnie and Damon in AU have easily been the best part about this season so far, and I'm annoyed that it came to an end the way it did. Regressing to the same tired bs that made this show and Bonnie as a character problematic. I actually started liking Bonnie again, because they removed her from the succubus that is Elena and her Neverending drama, and let Bonnie be a full fledged character for a change rather than a glorified plot device. Kay Graham can shine when given the proper material, when she isn't regaled to stereotypical supportive/sassy/wise/insert more ethnic tv tropes friend. And after 5 seasons they finally took advantage of the real life chemistry that she and her bff ian have. I never understood the bamon supporters but to my surprise they really do shine onscreen together and it was a breath of fresh air from the usual bit. It was a relationship that was long overdue for exploration since they somehow shifted to reluctant friends over the years but it was subtle background fodder. I could've watched a show just about them to be honest. It could've lasted longer. Then they went and destroyed all the necessary progress made for Bonnie character by making her self sacrifice herself for the umpteenth time for the happiness of the white leads again (who half the time don't appreciate it, deserve it, or take it for granted) and it's troubling and problematic racial undertones that while possibly not intentional has always shrouded her character and made her so frustrating to watch. It's an archaic trope constantly being reinforced and just when they finally started to break away from it after 5 years they ripped it away from us again in all of 3 minutes. But sure, it was nevertheless a powerful scene watching Bonnie Bennett martyr herself (again) but this time for the Salvatore brother she always despised, and he was willing to do the same for her. It's enough for me to look forward to whenever they reunite because they've formed an unlikely bond that no one could've anticipated. But if the previews are any indicator Bonnie goes back to not being thought about and I really need to see Damon fighting like hell to bring his friend back. Not sucked back into the love triangle, quadrangle, hexagon whatever that they're insisting on cramming down our throats long after its worn out its welcome. They made progress with breaking Damon away from Elena and his brother to flesh him out more. Just like they're finally doing something with Tyler, who tends to be another neglected character. Even though we could have done without the addition of the wonder twins. I even like Elena finally feeling normal and not stunted by the Salvatore brother triangle. A new boy, a fresh start, having fun. And the other highlight was of course the Stefan and Damon scene. Stefan talking out loud and finally admitting how much he missed and needed his brother, that hug, all of it was beautifully done by Ian and Paul. I've always been a fan who believed the real love story of the series was the one between the two brothers. I'll never tire of the rare sentimental moments between the two.


I miss Joanlock. I understood why she needed her space but I also understood why after the fling with Mycroft, the kidnapping, and her wanting to move out sherlock felt so hurt. He didn't hear that she needed her own space but they could still be friends and partners. He just heard her wanting to get away from him. As a man who never truly had a close friend he couldn't reconcile anything outside of all or nothing. Plus, as an addict she and the work they did was his new addiction. His new fix. They became co-dependent. I could see why he left and he was already on the edge. I don't know, I felt like they were harder on him than necessary. I liked Joan on her own doing her own thing, applying everything she learned from him. He was always with her. I love their dynamic and the strain in their relationship will be frustrating but interesting too. As for Kitty, I have an air of indifference. I haven't warmed up to her yet and I don't know if it'll work yet. I'm glad to have the show back and I look forward to seeing the direction they're going with them. Part of me will always be nostalgic about them living and working together. I never tired of Holmes waking Watson up with animals on her bed, or with him sitting in a chair near the foot of her bed because even though he'd never admit it, he worked best with her around, or him picking out her clothes, or making her breakfast.

Sleepy Hollow Round Table: The Bone Flute

1. Amazing. I love how this show reworks old classics to something far more entertaining. He was perfectly sinister and creepy. 2. How can you pick one? The driving, abbie squealing like a kid on a roller coaster. The bit with the earbuds. The cappuccino. I mean how can you not be in love with Tom Mison? In fact how can you not love him and Nicole Beharie together and apart? Their chemistry is on fire, the best I've seen out of two actors in ages. I mean, onscreen it's magic because offscreen they're equally as magical as friends and that makes all the difference in the world. I could gush about the two of them forever. 3. He will. Right now he's in denial. He seems cool, kind of shady but I struggled to see what the point of him is. Jenny was a mercenary with extensive knowledge in the supernatural. He's. . Meh. 4. Henry screwing with him. 5. No idea.