Person of Interest Review: The Return of Kara

I'm surprised at some of the reactions! But to each their own right? :) I loved this episode. I'm a sucker for character development and dynamics no matter how minute or nuanced and this gave me some great little moments. The slow building friendship between Finch and Carter. For a while he wasn't a fan, bitter from when she got John shot, but this season they've had their own little burgeoning friendship. His teasing her about her date or the concern he had as he coaxed her from her battered discombobulated state post accident.The way he enlists her help. Also Carter And Fusco. She is still reluctant at times but they always have each others backs. They're own dynamic duo. Carter and Reese continues to be intriguing. Her trying to save him. His thanks to her and Fusco. She is Reeses moral compass. The reverence and mutual respect is fascinating. Obviously Finch and Reese was fantastic to watch. Knowing they've gotten to this point

Elementary Review: The Suspended Consultant

I think this show is finally hitting its stride. It started at the end of that one episode when Sherlock sat with Joan and really became something by the Moriarty episode. Their partnership finally feels organic and real and equal. You finally sense that they are fond of and like being aroundeach other even though both of them avoid saying as much or rationalize it away. I'm really loving that and Lee and Liu have a great chemistry. They play them beautifully without relying on the typical sexual tension on most shows. I love the development with Sherlock and the captain. It wont be swept under the rug or forgotten and I love that losing that trust really bothers Sherlock. Underlying daddy issues manifesting in that projection onto his boss. I think Sherlock already knows about Joan. Don't forded it being an issue. Loved Clyde! :)

Scandal Review: By Any Means Necessary

Huck. I love Huck. I love the ease of their relationship. He's the one that always gets through to her. He's the keeper of her secrets and she his. I'm a huge Olitz fan but shipping isn't my thing. The most fascinating relationships are the unromantic ones and Oluck is my favorite. The love, devotion, loyalty they have to each other is twisted, dark, but beautiful. That was one of my favorite scenes of the night. I also love the Mellie /Cyrus relationship. They speak of Fitz as though he's their kid. They have a partnership and devious and diabolical dynamic. Mellie was fantastic in this episode. Her speech about fixing Fitz that story at the obgyn. Great stuff. The elevator scene with Charlie and Hollis did take me back to Billy Chambers. Putting all the pieces together this was a spectacular episode indeed. Dying to know who put the hit out.

Scandal Review: By Any Means Necessary

This episode was incredible and this review was good too!Olivia truly does catch s lot of heat from the fans that I can never understand. This show portrays people as the complex enigmas that they are. Everyone is morally compromised or morally grey. In doing that they give each character a sympathetic streak that makes them likeable in spite of their actions. I think a while back I was explaining that I love Olivia Pope because she isn't perfect and I never believed she carelessly did things. So I loved that this episode showed this. Showed how it catches up to her! And can we talk about Olivia and her men? The two that are in love with her didn't quite know what to do but wanted to make things better. Cyrus, her father figure, let her know that he'd fix things for her and then told her to snap the eff out of it. Harrison always loyal let her know that she's still a good person and she needed that reassurance. And then...contd.

NCIS Round Table: "Hit and Run"

-Tough call but there are three. The first being Abby snapping at Gibbs. Never happens. The second being her speech to McGee about not being enough. But the clincher was the end with her and Gibbs. Their relationship is my favorite on the show. They make me smile, and make my allergies flare up.
-The flashback/present transitions weren't always smooth and the flashbacks were vague for me but I still loved them.
-I don't know. I just like them. However they end up.
-I suppose its fair to say McGee.
-don't know.
-not covered but the young girl who played young abby was brilliant!!! Mannerisms and everything were perfect! :)

Vampire Diaries Round Table: "A View to A Kill"

-Damon and Klaus bonding. Rebekah and Stefan bonding. Bonnie finally being badass. The fact that I started liking Kol. Basically everything.
-The Breakfast Club.
-I'm sold. It's the first time I'm really sold on them. I always felt it made more sense for Stefan to gravitate towards Caroline or Bonnie, but I'm really digging Stebekah.
-Klaus. For all the reasons he mentioned. I felt like he ripped those words out of my mouth verbatim. Ive said the exact same thing about him for eons. Klaus is a Dick just to be a Dick.

American Idol Review: Come Sail Away

I too thought it was odd that they didn't mention Mattheus being on The Glee Project. He did well. That purple haired chica had me fooled. She seemed genuinely sincere in her pre -audition interview thing. Her friends waiting for her seemed a little surprised when she exited. I could have gone without that disturbing bit. They had some really great auditions this go round and some heart warming stories that didn't seem overdone.

Lost Girl Review: Energizer SuccuBunny

I really enjoyed this episode! It was quite funny. I actually liked Lauren in this, her interactions with Kenzi were amusing and I loved that they aired out their stuff. I thought you did a decent job reviewing and I fully understand your point. I hate that it always boils down to being accused of homophobia if you don't care for Lauren and Bo when that isn't the case. It is Lauren as a character, she comes across as stiff and stoic. On a show where other characters have a bit of bite and humor she always falls flat. It does affect her relationship with Bo. Sex aside they come across as completely incompatible. And no, I'm not being homophobic. I do like Bo with Dyson. Very much, but I seen more chemistry sbd fire between Bo and TAMSIN( who I really like. Nice addition) and would choose her and Bo over Bo and Lauren any day. I'm going to miss Vex! I really loved him and his chemistry with Kenzi.

NCIS Review: Teddy and Rabbit

I think they struggled at times to make reasonable and realistic correlations as far as transitioning between the flashbacks and how they were triggered by the present. I also think the flashbacks felt incomplete somehow. But I stol felt this was a truly beautiful episode. It was unbelievably touching and invoked the appropriate emotions. It was fitting for an Abby episode. I thought the young Abby was brilliant. Startlingly good mannerisms. I loved the transition from grieving Ziva to a more at peace one, and that it was acknowledged and not forced. Not too many shows pull off the transition between gut wrenching drama and everyday humor like this show. I absolutely LOVED the scenes with Abby and McGee but especially her and Gibbs. Their moments always make me smile but it was especially beautiful. I continue to enjoy the extra emphasis on the family dynamic this season.

Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "Walking on a Dream"

-Bailey's quip about some of them not having millions to fall back on. I loved the realistic tension of that situation was being addressed. It isn't their fault that they almost died but nevertheless the pieces fell a certain way and now all these people are impacted by this lawsuit. After Dereks self righteous blame fest with Owen the previous week it was interesting to see him and the others receive a bit of a bite.
-Staff. Definitely would cut staff. The irony of all these cuts is that's what got them in trouble with the plane crash in the first place.
-Ross and Stephanie
-Not necessarily, no.
-April needs to be single for a bit.