Chicago Fire Review: Admit and Aftermath

I liked it. I like that this show knows what it is and it isn't trying to be anything else. There is q simplicity to it and how real it tries to be. I fear at times, like Parenthood, it'll be one of those shows constantly on the bubble because it goes for heartwarming and realistic displays of everyday characters rather than breakneck pacing and convaluted storylines with twists and turns like most shows now. Part of me couldn't help but wish Cruz would just suck it up. His conscience and his brother will ruin him. I really felt for Casey and I'm glad that he's shaping up to be a complex character. He carries his burdens as well as others. I'm glad Kelley is seeking help and I liked that it was with the help of Dawson. I like seeing characters interact with other characters they don't typically interact with. Love that he and Shay made up. Sucked that no one seemed concerned about Dawson. A pattern. I'm not too invested in the triangle but I don't fault her for seeking out the guy who showed that he wanted her. I can see where Casey was confusing especially with her oblivious to all he's going through.Love Hermann.

Parenthood Review: Pretty On The Inside

@MrsO you seriously think victor should call them mom and dad? I don't think its necessary that he does. He's been bounced around a great deal, even though its been a few months to a year, he probably still feels like there is a chance for this situation to not be permanent. I often wonder if Joel and Julia ever really explained to him his adoption in a manner that he comprehends. I think they, more specifically Julia expects things to be a certain way and quickly. The adjustment for all of them takes time that could be longer than a year. They rotate between coddling him rather than disciplining him and not taking the time to actually understand all that they need to take care of an adopted kid with a troubling previous home life. Plus they have Sydney who also demands their attention. It isn't fair to either brat that they can't grasp how to handle it. Julia in particular. Joel fares well actually.

Parenthood Review: Pretty On The Inside

The moment the incident happen she reverted to the momma bear protecting her cub....forgetting that he's supposed to be her kid too. Its no surprise he feels closer to Joel, especially after that. Yes Victor has issues but nothing astronomical as long as he's handled properly. Joel has a grasp on this that Julia doesn't, which strikes me as odd given the big family she grew up in. So I actually found Julia frustrating in this instance. And victor being seen off as a bad kid is disconcerting .
I am not a Kristina fan but she was delightful to watch in this episode. I actually enjoyed her and Adam's time in this episode the most. Knew the wig thing would backfire on him but loved the new do on her. I love Crosby and I probably couldn't have been so accommodating not with the friction he and Jasmine's mom have always had. Ugh love Hank but Sara has some nerve being jealous given the circumstances.

Parenthood Review: Pretty On The Inside

I find the reaction to Victor surprising. Granted I wasn't a huge fan of his initially, but I actually felt like Joel as usual had a reasonable response. The bat ob fact slipped, hurling it wasn't intentional on his part. I think both children are rarely held accountable for their actions and Sydney is a certified spoiled brat. The lack of accountability she faced that contributed to the incident was also appalling. Verbally destructive to a kid who already has issues. Julia and Joel s "talk" with victor about his mom was not only a little off but left incomplete, and they all walked around in edge from that moment in letting this tension build. Julia's issue was that she felt insulted that he doesn't think of her as his mom. Her response was to pretty much tell him that he's hers now and that's that. There are better ways to discuss that and they failed miserably at that. I found it frustrating to watch. To make matters worse and confirm his feeling outcast


I figured it was going to happen but it doesn't change the fact that I'm bummed. I absolutely adored the show beyond words. It was one of the only shows that kept me smiling and made me feel good while watching. The cast and writing was nothing short of incredible. I'm so grateful that we'll get the closure...I just wish we didn't need it this soon. They had a nice run. The eclectic bunch of characters and writing stole my heart.

NCIS Round Table: "You Better Watch Out"

-sweet and fluffy. I easily just described a puppy but so what.
-ziva hugging Sr. The intimacy between the viewer and Tony while watching him first enter his habitat.
-It was too short.
-Neither. Mcgee, was no surprise in him being a mascot. Tony's apt didn't surprise me either. The limited personalization of it, the neatness, the small bed or the fact that none of the others have ever been there. His reluctance to let anyone into his space. It fit him perfectly. He's enigmatic and contradictory. A goof and having a huge personality on the outside and serious, subdued, private and guarded on the inside.
-definitely. Fits with THEM being a family.
-Tony. He's always been a personal fave. I've always "got" his character. Love it when they peel back the layers and show his depth.
-More of this peek into their lives. Tiva. Not a shipper per se but their bond is more fascinating than ever. Multi arcs and Vance.

Chicago Fire Review: The Tipping Point

Great episode. This show is a guilty pleasure. I love how aware the chief is of his people. He knew something was up with Shay and in that calling her back and then dismissing her he was letting her know that even though he doesn't know specifically what's going on he knows something is going on. Her being hurt will most likely be a wake up call for Kelley.he's become a full blown addict and behaving like one. Almost losing his bff should help him. I still don't trust Renee. Id take his slight interest in Mill's sister over that. Casey's honorable enough where he's supportive of his mom killing his father because he was abusive or because he did it himself maybe even accidentally and she covered for him. I'm indifferent on him and Dawson but the progress was good and it was a "not now "not a no. Cruz will be haunted for his actions. I'd like to say he was completely wrong but I'm torn. I can't. A troubling revelation for most of us.

The Vampire Diaries Midseason Report Card: C

-I agree. Memorial was a delight. They FINALLY acknowledged death in a way that has been lacking for a while. That scene with Damon and Alaric was breathtaking.
-err hard to pick one. There were a couple that were lacking.
-Jeremy. The whole hunter thing has been interesting but prior to that he was slowly becoming a strong character. Probably one if the best. The others have been devolving or stagnant.
-Caroline. Its easy to say Bonnie because she's been poorly utilized etc but that's not new. She's been that way a while. Shes been practically non existent for most of the season and fairly tolerable. Caroline however has regressed as a character. She's season1 Caroline. The judgmental, annoying, hyypocrisy thing. She hasn't been pleasant to watch. Its a step back for her.
-hunter jeremy
-sire bond
-hoping for more of the originals.badass Stefan. Letting delena be. Evil bonnie.

Chicago Fire Review: Saying Goodbye

Great episode. All season I was wondering what would happen to Vargas because they seemed to go out of their way to show him frequently and yet not give him anything significant. Seemed like such a sweet guy...I felt so bad for him. I didn't like the Renee girl and how forward she was. She has me suspicious! The way she latched onto Kelley even the way her "accident "happened, I feel like there is some sort of set up or something. I didn't get great feelings from her at all. I think the opposite, him getting involved would make matters worse with him accepting his injury.
Casey and Dawson. So its officially a love triangle or a square when adding his fiancee and Mills. Awkward. I love the chief. He truly cares about his people and people in general. He's on the right path with this kid apparently. Uncle Ray must be responsible for the fires. This show gives me fuzzies and has me wanting to chill out in a firehouse somewhere.


Amazing interview! Absolutely adore Huck as a character and Guillermo. I cannot wait for the finale tonight. Counting down the hours!

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