-How does one choose in such an action packed episode. I'm still walking around saying gladiators in helmets so that wins on default.
-I'm probably biased because I adore Scott Foley but I'm still not sold that he's a bad guy even though he's as creepy as he is charming.
-I.Have.NO.Idea. I love this show. I don't even try to come up with theories anymore!
-5. Honestly, we always give better advice than we ourselves practice. That's why even shrinks have shrinks. It's easier advising someone else on how to get their life together than it is getting your own life together.
-David. I've been loving reluctant but honorary OPA David.

TV Fanatic Round Table: Spinoff Showdown!

Its going to be interesting seeing what happens to TVD once the originals are gone. I get that its the opportunity to trim the fat with a cast the size of Texas which TVD desperately needs to do, while still giving the audience these beloved characters whom dare I say rival the shows leads for being fan favorites. Joseph Morgan should be considered a breakout star at this point. He's tremendous. Daniel Gilles is incredible. Both their characters are so intriguing. And Claire Holt certainly holds her own. For those reasons I find myself both wary and excited for The Originals. Out of all the spinoffs being announced this year (entirely too many if you ask me) that one actually makes sense to me and has me intrigued.

Grey's Anatomy Review: One Hell of a Night

I loved this episode. I especially appreciated the Kawasaki's Disease storyline because it hit close to home. My mother went through the EXACT same thing with my brother when he was a kid. They kept turning her away and claiming nothing was wrong and even threatened to report her. When they finally considered that as a possibility that wanted to rule it out because he was one symptom short. If she hadn't persisted he would have died. So I truly appreciated that part of the episode. I loved Owen with the kid even though it made me sad for him since Yang doesn't want any. Great scene with Mer, Bailey, and Zola at the end. Callie's part didn't fit but they probably felt obligated to show her. Jo's bf didn't annoy me initially but now he sucks. I'm glad Avery and April are back to the friendship. They always had a sibling vibe to me personally.

Scandal Review: Heroes and Villains

All the speeches. All of them were fantastic. Jake. Mellie. The five Cyrus got because Jeff Perry is a master at delivery. Olivia. My precious Huck. The writing in this show is out of this world. Love it so much. This episode was awesome. I called Hollis' daughter having some role in her own kidnapping so his antics and nonchalance thru half the episode was amusing. But that ending when she took the money and he looked crushed? I sympathized with the devil. And that is what I love about the characters on this show. So much grey...even the evil characters aren't really evil. The heroes aren't perfect. Huck and Quinn. I love it. She's giving him a purpose.he's all proud papa. And he's making her likeable because she was always the weakest character. Loved David just hanging around I'd love it if it were permanent even if he would come across as a new Steven. I'm so confused about Jake but I'm loving every second of it. Rebound or not.


-B!tchy Klaus. He basically told Caroline to eff off and find someone who cares since it clearly can't be him. Her face crumbled. It was kind of awesome.
-I gotta say, I'm loving Bex and Evilena. They're wicked awesome together now. I love my Salvator bros especially when they join forces, but I don't want Elena to be "cured "
-No. I lost respect for her and found her annoying. It was also an unnecessary point to tie in with the current happenings of the episode. Like Caroline, they've sucked the awesome out of her.
-Damon. Essentially all Damon needs is unconditional love.He's been broken since before he became a vampire. You give him that and he's yours.
-No role. It always frustrates me how horribly they write the sole minority on this show.
-Love it.

Nashville Review: Dog Days Aren't Over

Loves me some Deacon. The entire birthday thing was the cutest. When Juliette is somehow involved with interacting with Deacon that is about the only time she's likeable. He tends to have that effect on most. I'm typically disinterested in the kids. They just don't always have anything solid but I really felt for Gunnar losing his brother. He'll feel guilty and that'll eat away at him. I suspect he'll lash out at Scarlett too even though they're having grief sex..which made me cringe. I'm not all that into Avery or his story either. That was a bold move Teddy made. He is such an ass.

Switched at Birth Review: A Path Divided

Daphne was a better voice for their cause than Melody. On some level I actually understand Melody's point...there is one deaf school in our area. No one even knows about it until that moment when it somehow affects it a relative or a friend with hearing loss. It's their only space. However, Melody just flat out hates hearing people which makes her position in the school all the more frustrating because she's toxic. Expanding the hearing program would have been unfortunate but it didn't have to be bad. The hearing kids attending seem to be those with relatives who are deaf or are in danger of losing their hearing themselves. It wouldn't have been a matter of bringing in random hearing kids with no interest or reason for attending a deaf school. And it would have been up to them to assimilate. I'm tired of Toby too. Bay overstepped in how she dealt with Regina and Regina is just a mess right now. Didn't miss John. Do miss Angelo and I like Zane. Love that Travis finally has a place to stay.

Scandal Round Table: "Boom Goes the Dynamite"

Lol! Love the answers
-I have to go with Jake trying to win over Olivia. He isn't intimidated by her, he doesn't just goalong with her. He tries to make her laugh and tries to respect her privacy as much as he can while still doing his job.
-A shady government official? Is that ever shocking? Jake and Fitz.
-Now that Olitz is on the fritz., Fitz has flipped his sh!tz. He's not on my good side for now. It would help if he put down the Bourbon and stopped acting psycho. Jake is still creepy just not as creepy and my crush on Scott Foley prohibits me from not liking his
-She's resourceful and diabolical. She'll find something.
-I don't like the spotlight or having my privacy invaded.Nothing... I think.

Beauty and the Beast Review: FINALLY

YES!!! OH Carissa! I said the EXACT same thing! Witness Protection dammit! That was the first thing that popped into my head and I spent most of the episode gnashing my teeth together because it was the easiest out and no one was using it. I used to kinda like Tess but she and heather were insufferable. INSUFFERABLE. And yup all the focus will be on this beast and no one will look for the guys responsible. That kiss took entirely too long to happen but perfect planning because if it hadn't have happened in this episode I was dangerously close to throwing the remote at the Tv and throwing in the towel.

Person of Interest Review: Fairly Lethal

Wow! Surprised at some of the dissent. I loved this episode. Its difficult to build up a new multi-layered character in a way that gets the viewers invested, in such s short time. They did it masterfully with Shaw and if ever there wasn't proof that you could become invested in a character in ten minutes than Cole is an example. I was devastated by the time he died. That's writing at its finest. I enjoyed the parallels of Shaw and Reese right down to the speaking in a lower register, however she still came across as her own character with the self proclaimed sociopathy etc. I loved her. It was a huge risk barely using the four core but it paid off and was successful. Plus we got to see Leon again which always makes me chuckle. I like the idea of having multiple assets with different but strong personalities recurring. It was different but great. Ii missed the gang and Bear but it worked.