Switched at Birth Review: Crash and Burn

I like Bay and Emmett but I'm enjoying Noah too. Especially his predicament with his hearing. I loved the subtle bits thrown in, his hearing is continuing to decline, which was hinted at when she tried talking to him in the hallway and he still is too scared to tell more than just Bay the truth. Its interesting to watch.
Travis is troubled, yes, but the rejection that kid faces is disheartening. I was more distraught over the fact that Daphne was using him to prove to herself that she can date deaf guys. I've never cared for how she treated him and that was the equivalent of kicking a battered dog while its down. I agree that Travis needs help, but even with these people who think they care about him, he's still getting screwed and he knows it and he's angry. He has a right to be. Regina needs to get her crap together and seen that Toby thing a mile away.

Elementary Round Table: "Details"

-the apprenticeship proposal in all of its platonic glory. Fave moment of the series so far. Again miller is incredible in this role.
-Sherlock's entire speech. But the banter between them pertaining to her safety was a very close second.
-it was nice to see some development. Plus I'm a Breakout Kings fan so it was great seeing Malcolm again. Though bittersweet. :(
-nope. I like them breaking up the monotony. There are tons of murder shows.
-Ecstatic. I appreciated the slow burn. It makes the strength of their bond all the more believable now. They've been on fire the past five or so episodes. The show has really hit its stride. Love it.

Being Human Review: Beware The Trojan Horse

@Wednesday. Preach! My sentiments exactly. As far as I'm concerned that little were b!tch can go jump into the Boston harbor and take Liam and Nora with her. I tolerated nora in the beginning because of how josh loved her but then she became a werewolf and the whole thing with the twins and now her blatant disrespect for aidan, who is Josh's family. I mean she's been insufferable since she moved in and took over. That house is too damn crowded. And the preview suggests she won't be and better. I loathe nora. I liked the development with Sally's brother. She and Aidan have been having great little stories. Josh needs something other than playing dad to the disrespectful teen wolf, her convo with josh about him not having say because he isn't want of them? Wanted to smack her. This Liam and Erin business is more of Nora's story than Josh unfortunately.

Scandal Round Table: "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot"

- I loved the title of the episode. WTF indeed. Huck's "your a natural "was the one scene where I unexpectedly bust out laughing.
- I think part of it is him doing his job. Olivia has her hand in a lot of stuff, I can understand her coming up on his radar. I also think he's fixated on her for his own reasons. So creepy! Love Scott Foley and look forward to where this leads. Ohh when Huck finds out...
-Neither. Crazy Quinnsey has it in her. And Olivia does love her white.

Scandal Review: Who Can You Trust?

Time jump definitely worked to their advantage. For sure. So far the Huck and Quinn "ship" is called Huckleberry Quinn. I hope there isn't a romance. Quinn always comes across as everyone's super annoying little sister. She's always in the way but she's family so you deal. She's especially that way with Huck. Loved his observation that she's a natural though. I love Huck...and yes he will flip the hell out pull out the "whiskey "when he finds out about the cameras. No one messes with his friend if he can help it. That was so creepy! I was all excited to see Scott Foley and loving their chemistry and then instantly freaked out by the end...but intrigued too. Fitz is out of control. Hate how pathetic he comes though he's incompetent and unable to actually run anything. Prized show horse? Really? Feel for him though. He needs to cut the Scotch.poor David.

The Americans Review: Message from the Dead

This show is amazing! I love it and Rhys is a standout for sure.

Nashville Review: Pushed to the Edge

Agree with this review completely!! I actually like the friendship between Rayna and Liam. I figured they probably wouldn't hook up so my unmentionables weren't in a twist during the hotel stuff. Her telling him about her divorce rather than Deacon made sense to me. I've come to see them as kindred spirits and solid friends. He has an outsider perspective with no real stakes or expectations. He's just hers...he isn't aligned or invested in anyone else in her circle. Deacon and the double standard. I think most of all he just misses being her confidant. Still love him. He'll get over it. Teddy is the worst. Just ugh. Gunner and co have been more interesting than they were. And Avery is difficult to like.

Chicago Fire Review: Family for Favors

I soo agree with serenity and grimmfan. I do NOT like clarice. I think she's shady and her husband, shay and her baby will suffer. I hope her husband gets full custody because clarice is just unstable and it is irritating the hell out of me that they have the audacity to think that they can shut this man out of his own child's life! What is that? He hasn't done anything wrong! He isn't the bad guy or the enemy! I don't care for that scenario at all but Kelly looked adorable holding the baby. Oh Dawson. She was more foolish than usual but it'll lead to some interesting stuff that's for sure. Glad Casey kicked his mom out.

Deception Review: Plan B

I like watching the show but it isn't necessarily suspenseful. There is a predictability to it that drives me mad because it doesn't have to be that way. Eighty percent of the time I feel like I can deduce what is going to happen. I love M. Good. I really do but she's the lead, ...she has to do more, have more of a presence than the painfully, cringeworthy, amateur sleuthing that she does. When Sophia makes a bitchy comment and asks why Joanna is even there...I can't even defend her. I'm inclined to agree. If her backstory and her cover story were stronger it would help matters. Edward has become the most fascinating of the bunch. His father too. Sophi still creeps me out at times. Haverstock is interesting although him being mia father was no surprise. And I'd like to see what it's like now that Joanna has moved in with Julian (also no surprise)

Switched at Birth Review: Love Isn't In The Air

I loathe the Kennish adults, Regina and her mother are only a tad more likeable...regina moreso than her mom. That is probably why the way they treat Angelo is so frustrating to me. Loved him in this episode. I did figure he wanted to raise the kid on his own. I think it would be good for him and he'd be good at it. Plus the unconditional love.I too found melody's speech offensive and yet unsurprising. It's very common and it's why I hold the deaf as responsible as the hearing in perpetuating misunderstanding and prejudice. The fact is there's a difference between speaking positively of whatever group of anything you fall into and putting those different from you down to build yourself up. I like and feel bad for both Noah and Travis. In many ways they'd make spectacular friends. Noah has to accept what's happening to him and let people in. Travis is doing better at that but Daphne has to stop leading him on. And he's so not an angry guy.