Chicago Fire Review: Family for Favors

I soo agree with serenity and grimmfan. I do NOT like clarice. I think she's shady and her husband, shay and her baby will suffer. I hope her husband gets full custody because clarice is just unstable and it is irritating the hell out of me that they have the audacity to think that they can shut this man out of his own child's life! What is that? He hasn't done anything wrong! He isn't the bad guy or the enemy! I don't care for that scenario at all but Kelly looked adorable holding the baby. Oh Dawson. She was more foolish than usual but it'll lead to some interesting stuff that's for sure. Glad Casey kicked his mom out.

Deception Review: Plan B

I like watching the show but it isn't necessarily suspenseful. There is a predictability to it that drives me mad because it doesn't have to be that way. Eighty percent of the time I feel like I can deduce what is going to happen. I love M. Good. I really do but she's the lead, ...she has to do more, have more of a presence than the painfully, cringeworthy, amateur sleuthing that she does. When Sophia makes a bitchy comment and asks why Joanna is even there...I can't even defend her. I'm inclined to agree. If her backstory and her cover story were stronger it would help matters. Edward has become the most fascinating of the bunch. His father too. Sophi still creeps me out at times. Haverstock is interesting although him being mia father was no surprise. And I'd like to see what it's like now that Joanna has moved in with Julian (also no surprise)

Switched at Birth Review: Love Isn't In The Air

I loathe the Kennish adults, Regina and her mother are only a tad more likeable...regina moreso than her mom. That is probably why the way they treat Angelo is so frustrating to me. Loved him in this episode. I did figure he wanted to raise the kid on his own. I think it would be good for him and he'd be good at it. Plus the unconditional love.I too found melody's speech offensive and yet unsurprising. It's very common and it's why I hold the deaf as responsible as the hearing in perpetuating misunderstanding and prejudice. The fact is there's a difference between speaking positively of whatever group of anything you fall into and putting those different from you down to build yourself up. I like and feel bad for both Noah and Travis. In many ways they'd make spectacular friends. Noah has to accept what's happening to him and let people in. Travis is doing better at that but Daphne has to stop leading him on. And he's so not an angry guy.

Lost Girl Review: Is Dark Bo Dangerous?

I for one find it disturbing that it took until 10:59 for Bo to realize that wasn't Kenzi. I'll never not like Bo but more and more recently it has been clear that she's kind of a sucky friend. How did she not notice something was wrong? It's her best friend. Trick may get a pass because he wasn't around her as much...and Dyson is usually more perceptive but Bo is inexcusable. That actually kept me from really enjoying a pretty good episode.

Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "The Face of Change"

-Grey's fray house of frolicking. I love how they still have coed moments like trying to avoid hearing or walking in on people doing the dirty. Also Callie and Webber at the other hospital. Golden.
-Both. Fortunately it worked out in their favor.
-Both the guys. Yummy.
-Go for it. Personally I think April needs to figure herself out before she ends up with anyone but I like the idea of someone dating outside of the hospital for a change.
-Friends! What happen to platonic relationships? They do exist!

Scandal Round Table: "Nobody Likes Babies"

-how do you choose? It was filled with too many. Verna and Fitz at the deathbed. Huck telling Quinn why they don't do revenge.
-lol@Carla. Mellie would flip her shizz at that.
-Mellie and Fitz. The love triangle on this show is about the best one ever. Fascinating arrangement they have there. In a warped way Mellie balances him out. I feel like long before their marriage was rocky they were best friends and partners.
-love him but he's too rash. No.
-that's what makes them such a strong force to be reckoned with. Olivia doesn't rob them of who they are. They still question and give input. I love it personally.


-so many great scenes it is hard to choose just one. I loved watching Sherlock's reaction when Rhys offered him the drugs. Intense. Also loved Joan clocking him over the head and Sherlock's reaction when he figured out they were in trouble.
-Loved the change of pace.
-Mixed. I loathed what he was doing to Sherlock but he was sympathetic and capable of redemption.
-Absolutely. She's been slowly but surely "earning her keep "and I love seeing how their friendship is evolving and how protective they are of one another.
-Were we supposed to think he would? It never felt like there was that possibility.

Being Human Review: A Hit and a Near Miss

When she explained it it made sense. It wasn't entirely selfish. I like the funeral director.Liam has me on edge. I think Erin is a spy for him. Loved the none of us are clean line from Aidan. So true.

Being Human Review: A Hit and a Near Miss

I liked the episode I'm loving this season, but I'm over Nora. I wasn't a fan of hers in general. Initially I was just indifferent. Now I just don't like her. She has moments but overall haven't like her since she became a wolf. Her remarkable disgust for Aidan is insane. I mean she actually considered killing him probably still is and living in a house that you originally bought, with a woman who considers you disposable is insane. Her dislike of him reached new heights this episode and I loathed it. It's disrespectful to josh. His friend, his family. And it isn't the same as her relationship with the twins because they were a threat to josh and Aiden was looking out for both of them. I look forward to his relationship with bubble boy. It could be what they both need. I like how happy Sally is. I was annoyed at first with her ghost actions but when s

Elementary Review: In Sherlock I Believe

Four episodes in a row that have been spectacular. Three of which in the span of a week. I do believe this show has found its footing! I am loving...the friendmance between Sherlock and Watson so much. They slowly have become real friends. I love that. They care about each other and its genuine and they know it but avoid talking about it. They like being around each other. That's huge for a high functioning sociopath like Sherlock and Watson who seems to alienate herself. I loved the break from murder and I wanted to pummel Rhys. But it was great conflict.