Please don't put Daniel Gillies and Torrey de Vitto in the same category of lesser players because even tho Elijah rarely appears on our screen, those 40 seconds are so much better than 1 minute of Meredith.

And LOL, so its official, Elena is a saint...oh Lord, help us!


Tyler: Damon and Elena may have stolen my sire bond storyline, but we still have made out in more places than they have.



so I am glad its going like that. Finally, Nolan was at his best as always. Yeah, Revenge is back!


Good episode! Not great, but definitively better than the semi season finale. First of all, I like that Revenge got its balls back with doing s1 style take downs. Finally! Second, I am so glad we are back to basics with this being Emily's path to revenge and this being about her father, I don't think I heard so much elements connected to David Clarke's trial ever since s2 began. Good. Let it stay that way. Now onto the other awesomeness. Aiden is getting involved with the Initiative - good, like someone here already said, Aiden and Emily while being completely good for each other, each have their own path to revenge and when faced with a choice - I am positive they would choose David and Coleen over each other., Sad, yes, but good for the plot. So, shipping aside, I am excited to see how their dynamic changes after this...because really, at this point its not going to be about Spaniel, its going to be about them only as two people on a quest for revenge, so I am glad its going like that. Finally, Nolan was at his best as always. Yeah, Revenge is back!


@Leo, I am with you here, have been shipping Elena and Death since ever!

If you really like the show keep watching! No matter who you ship! Because if you throw and fit and say "oh i'm not going to watch until Delena/Stelena or together!" then it will send the ratings down and the show will be in danger of getting cancelled!

@Jillian, don't worry, CW kept GG until its sixth season, so TVD is sure to survive on 13yearolds throwing tantrums about not seeing their ship getting down and dirty.


Aiden is such a good addition to the show, I hope they don't turn him into some obsessed dude, just let him remain the cool awesome Mr.Thorne by Emily's side while she plays with Spaniel.


What about Delena finding true happiness...


Finally! I was so glad to see HIMYM return after almost 3 seasons of showing us some lame parody of its former self. I loved this episode so much! The jinx story was just AWESOME! Its the second best thing after the slap bet! So great! I am not a fan of Robin and Barney but the proposal was done in such a typical Barney fashion that even if you don't ship them, you were won over - I know I was. Great two episodes!


Best Episode - Memorial for sure - that scene in the church reminded me of awesome the show used to be.

Worst Episode - the last one - much ado about nothing and DE is getting boring already.

Best Character - Klaus because the rest are just ridiculous kids

Worst - Elena, sorry but what was a promising start turned out to be Elena only concerned about her love life and barely paying any attention to her friends or Jeremy until someone tells her whats going on.

Best sl - ...

Worst sl - everything

Guest star - all of them are under used because we are too busy watching the Delena diaries

Wearing wife-beaters - did you miss Stefan doing push ups?

Hopes - that the show shifts the focus from Delena's bed scenes to an actual plot.

Grade - D minus.