I was always a proponent of Dair at the end of season 4. I was on the fence about Dair in season 5, especially how Safron and co. was backsliding, flip-flops, and all the inconsistencies that made up the agonizing storyline, or lack thereof, that made up this season.

Thank God Safron is leaving. All I want out of season 6 is some freaking consistency. Is that really so much so hard to ask?

At least season 6 will be devoid of Safron's self-appreciating, self-deluded, self-actualizing perception of genius producer's previews where he talks as if he's God's gift to TV.

There's at least that to look forward to in season 6.


And Serena? She's always been who she is. It's time she finally realized that.


It makes no sense that GG is Dan. GG has been blogging since before his arrival in the pilot. Dan had no concept of the UES prior to the pilot, and now, he's this omnipresent force that's been around secretly blogging about S and B all this time? Does Lonely Boy really have that many resources?

And if Dan was GG, why would he need Georgina to write a tell-all about the real UES? Wouldn't he have it already?

You know... I was really hoping that Nate was GG.


And I don't think it's so harsh; it's so human that Regina harbors this animosity towards Snow which grew into such hatred.

It wasn't JUST a promise that Snow broke. It was a betrayal that resulted in Daniel's murder. Sure Cora was the one that ended it, but Regina knew Cora: this was expected. What was unexpected was trusting Snow with the life of the love of her life.

Her love for Daniel was so great that when he died, it turned her love into such hate. And as the years went by, Snow continued to represent everything that Regina could not have: love. Leopold loves Snow more than Regina. The kingdom loves Snow. Prince Charming loves Snow. Even an assassin, the Huntsman, came to love Snow.

I'm sure Rumpel's manipulation resulted in Regina obtaining the curse and using it.


I believe Regina took vengenance on everyone that played a role in Daniel's death. When Regina was younger, she displayed no magical talent whatsoever. By the time she's become Queen, her mother is missing, and she's a powerful enough sorceress to go toe-to-toe and win against Malificient.

She may have yet taken a more immediate role in obtaining her revenge against Cora, while Snow, she saw as representing what was torn from her. Despite living an entire life of anguish and pain from Cora, she was still able to have love. If Snow hadn't told Cora, Daniel would probably still be alive.


Rumpel created the curse for one thing: Bae. And he needs Regina AND Emma in order to get Bae.

He was gathering all this power, bottling up all the elements, emotion, killing Cinderella's fairy godmother, all so that he could produce the curse. He instigated Regina to use the curse to get him to our world. He needed her to do it because that was probably the price of the curse: he couldn't perform it. Or perhaps his exposure to the beanstalk prevents him from doing it.

He now needs Emma to break it, so that EVERYONE, including Bae, will be transported back to the magical world and get their happy ending. Either that or Emma breaking the curse will reveal Bae's location.


Why is Mer back in neuro? She declared gen already. Realistically, neuro wouldn't have been an option for her since neuro isn't a fellowship program: it's a residency. Same with ortho and OB. There really is no jumping between specialities as each residency has their own program length and curriculum.


@nuala cardena

I'd support a spin-off, but it's production staff would need to be overhauled in the most extreme ways. Safran and co. have proven themselves incapable of sustaining any kind of semblance to character development.

It's one cheap lazy plot device after another....



I'm telling you, they're going to get renewed. They have the television economics on their side, regardless of their decling performance. They'll axe all the other poor showings like Hart of Dixie before they even turn to Gossip Girl.