Hart of Dixie Season 4 Episode 10 Review: Bluebell

The ending was so cheesy (especially with the musical number), and I loved every minute of it! It was the perfect way to end a series (if it is in fact ending) and I thank the show for doing it that way with happy endings for all the characters. It is very frustrating when a series you love ends badly but luckily this was exactly what it needed to be! <3 HOD!

Ronald simkins

Xander is wonderful I have had the hots for him since his three stints in NCIS.

12 Monkeys Season 1 Episode 11 Review: Shonin

Remember the Night Room when Cole felt unwell when very close the origin corpse? Paradox?

Will The Secret Circle Move to ABC Family?

Why not everyone want it back and me too. And jest because the special effects
Are expensive and that is what is the problem well dum problem let me tell you
If the cast can't preform any more get a new cast

Grimm Season 4 Episode 15 Review: Double Date

Much better episode than the previous one. The case of the week was easy to me since it was pretty clear the man and woman were one and the same. Come on guys ! lol.
Now Juliette and Nick needs to either get a grip or end ! She just strolled in Renard's apartment and acted as if he owed her . LOL, I mean seriously. He even tried to get some sense into her as this put him in a VERY awkward position but no, she didn't listen. I get it though, he can help her understand what's going on with her, but their history doesn't really allow for much. Well Renard needed her help and there were a few good facial expressions and lines thrown in. I don;t know if Nick will be laughing though...
Monroe as bait was hilarious. Interesting that the guys asked Rosalee first . Her and Monroe at the end had me cracking up, of course she heard that particular comment about a certain woman lol.
But Adalind was definitely up for some good ol' mischief. How dumb and actually funny was her idea to sleep with someone else and pass the pregnancy as theirs. A royal at that. She definitely forgot that they can tell if the blood is royal or not. My gosh she ain't too bright ugh ! The King sent Viktor away and stayed behind...why ? What's he scheming ?
Nice episode, good pace. AND DOUBLE DOSE OF FAN SERVICE WITH THE CAPTAIN !!!! Sure it got a bit bloody but bare-chested Captain Renard still does it for me !

@ Emy

I wonder if Juliette's Hexenbiestly brain is unconsciously clouding her judgment in regards to Zauberbiest Renard, like "I'm a Hexenbiest, therefore all Zauberbiests must obey me." Otherwise, she's totally just waltzing into her boyfriend's boss's house and expecting him to give her a room!

@ Kathleen Wiedel

I know right ! That got to me like well come on in ! I think her persona changed period. Her Hexenbiest powers have changed her. She is more daring (too much maybe), more confident, less afraid.

Vikings Season 3 Episode 6 Review: Born Again

I don't think Floki is going to die. I think he is based on a historical Floki who was the first permanent settler on Iceland, so he's just going to bugger off at some point.


Goines' hairpiece though lmaooo ! I couldn't, same as you Henry, totally distracting since the actor never has that much hair !
Anywho, this was a brilliant episode. I guessed that Ramsey must have been the Witness and not the Pallid Man as the latter didn;t make sense at all. HOWEVER, I'm not sure. Olivia kept calling him The Traveler so I started doubting myself. It makes sense for him to be the witness, I just wish they'd said it clearly. His time in prison was awfully long. Though I loved how he handled his tormentor. And the passing of the years and what he did to preserve the timeline was really cool. Now we know why things didn't work out well.
Poor Cole, that was a rough journey. But I am mad since he's the one who put the virus idea in Goines' head. The man had no idea, wasn't even there for that. Definitely one of the things about time travel that pisses me off. The traveler knows things and inadvertently mentions them and set in motion events that could have been prevented !
Olivia, Olivia, Olivia. I wanna know more about her. I absolutely LOVED her voice ! So soothing. But one thing though, why doesn't she age ? All of them for that matter. And how many cycles has she been through...I wonder if she too is a time traveler.
Whitley and Jones parting ways was heartbreaking indeed. His realization that it may have all been for nothing was not nice. I get why Jones is staying, it's her life's work and she knows how she got there. But still.
Now Aaron still hasn't told Cassie about is encounter...
It was really interesting seeing the events from team baddy's perspective. It almost seemed normal. But we know better. And Cole isn't dead like Ramsey thought and this changes everything.
Great episode. Hope they get to explain the Red Forest phenomenon. I could theorize that when nature is touched by a disturbance in time such as a time paradox or time travel, it gets affected somehow. There was a plant near Cole when he splintered in that bar... Oh well, we'll see !


Does anyone know who played Owen's Mom on Grey's Anatomy?

11 Shows That Should Be Canceled Immediately

The following must have a following. I notice when a critic says something stinks, when you get around to watching it, its not bad usally lol , I like the following.


One of the best episodes of this season !!!