Ronald simkins
Grimm Season 4 Episode 2 Review: Octopus Head

I like the episode we are still at the beginning of the season and lots of stuff is being set up. I absolutely love Renard's mother she is the counterpoint to Nick's mom. I am sure she will be involved in Nick's "cure" and I hope she will be a major mover this season. Trubel really rocked in this episode who'd a thunk that her personal memories as a tortured young Grimm would be the downfall of "Octopus Head"? Still think that the Steinadler is not a bad guy but a yet unrevealed faction of the coming war.


Okay so here's my theory: Bonnie killed Sam. She needed an alibi so hit up Asher for a booty call. Her telling Asher that no one could know was just her way of making sure he doesn't suspect her of using him. Not wanting anyone to know she slept with him is something Bonnie would do so to Asher it's a normal reaction. When someone asks where Bonnie has been (ie. Annalise) she won't say much at first, but if she feels the need to defend herself...enter Asher as alibi. Not a very sound theory but I'm sticking to it.

Ronald simkins
Haven Season 5 Episode 8 Review: Exposure

Perhaps the reason we didn't remember Seth was that last season was so lackluster. Yes he was a breath of fresh air. How sad is it that Vince and Dave have become boring? My only question is what would have happened if they had torn up the photos? The next step for Duke is to ask Mara about her mother. Ever since she got rid of Audry she has gotten more tolerable. I am still on the edge with this season - but it will probably be the last so I hope they resolve things.


This only proves one thing. ALl the networks care more about ratings and demo than what really viewers like. Cause many viewers can love a show but if the ratings are not good and networks only see numbers and $$$$ the network withouth hesitation cancell it.


Vampires, Werewolves,Witches,Hybrids.... these are the main four supernatural beings that have populated this little universe for six seasons now. I can't be alone in wanting / hoping for some kind of new supernatural creature to emerge. Teen Wolf Season 2 made a bold move and created the kanima, which was really cool. Sleepy Hollow just showed us a really kickass Wendigo !!. Vampire Diaries creative think tank needs to go to work and come up with something new and original.

Marry Me Season 1 Episode 3 Review: Scary Me

How about that the character Derek from Happy Endings made a cameo as the ex-boyfriend? I miss Happy Endings :(

TV Ratings Rundown: NBC-Ya to Bad Judge and A to Z?

What a bummer! We actually really love Bad Judge. A to Z is okay.. I feel like it needs to find its feet, but it's not awful by any means.

NCIS Round Table: Who Was the Best Sociopath?

Tuned in for the first time since January and it has not gotten any better. Still huge hole with Ziva absent. Abby did nothing but bully Tony. Many people feel that she will return. hopefully very soon. it is also annoying how many women they push on Tony...give him a break and do it to McGee and Gibbs or Ducky.

Ronald simkins

I love these roundtables! It is absolutely true that Barry and Olicity sizzle as friends. I hate that every time a female is cast on Flash she is a "possible romantic object". The last thing Barry needs is romance at this point. I also love that we have a "bad" guy who is not amoral - unlike the metahumans we have encountered so far. They are total loners whereas Captain Cold is building a "team" - perfect balance to the show.

NCIS Season 12 Episode 6 Review: Parental Guidance Suggested

I have been watching NCIS almost from the beginning of its run and have been observing this site for a couple of months and find it quite entertaining and "educational?". I believe that labels me as a "stalker" - correct? There is one solution that I have not seen posted here that may solve many of the concerns I repeatedly see addressed here (not all). When Michael Weatherly's current contract with this project ends (I believe at the end of Season 13), he does not sign on for another run. Working through his newly formed production company, a new project featuring himself and Cote de Pablo is developed for television. The premise - a detective theme (i.e. Hart to Hart), a romantic comedy, to be determined. This, of course, is predicated on the fact that the two actors would be open to this solution. This would solve multiple problems:
1. Those who do not wish to see the character of Ziva return will not need to be concerned and they can relax - there will be no reason for her to do so. I really do not know why, at this point, she would want to subject herself to that, anyway.
2. Those who truly enjoy watching the chemistry between the two actors mentioned above will still have an opportunity to do so without the toxic environment that seems to have overtaken this fandom. The assumption is that the current powers-that-be will not have involvement in this project.
3. Those who did not see any chemistry will not need to watch the new project. They can continue watching NCIS, without fear of Ziva's return, and they can also relax. 4. Mr. Harmon, Ms. Perrette, Mr. McCallum, Mr. Murray, and the remainder of the cast and crew can continue to deliver their product without continued or perceived harassment. They also will not have to be concerned that Cote de Pablo may still want to return and they can also relax. This solution will not solve all problems, obviously:
1. What to do (if anything) with the Bishop character - I have no solutions and am at a loss for words there.
2. There will no longer be a specific character to blame for all past, present, and future ills that have and will befall the show. TPTB may have to look inwardly at that point.
3. TPTB will need to choose another of their characters to become the "stud-muffin or stud-muffinette" of the week. No suggestions from here.
4. The vitriol and venom that is displayed here against either a character and/or the actor that portrays the character is astounding. I have no solution for that either.
5. What to do about the writing, which does seem to have suffered since the end of season 10, for whatever the reason. That about covers it - I feel so much better!

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