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Tyler Lockwood is pretty much a jerk. He's good friends with Matt on The Vampire Diaries and he takes a liking to Vicki. But he doesn't treat her nearly as well as Jeremy does. And then she's killed.

Tyler is your basic school bully. He's not nearly as tough as he acts, however, and doesn't get along with his strict parents, including his father, who is the mayor.

Tyler Lockwood Quotes

Tyler: Screw you, dude.
Damon: Dude? Really? Dude?!?

Football is a contact sport. Sometimes, people get hurt.


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The best looking guy on the show in my opinion :-) I love his face!When I look at him I'm immediately always turned on^^ and I love his story line. Apparently when it comes to vampire books/series I'm always a sucker for the werwolves^^


LOVE LOVE LOVE Tyler and Caroline! Tyler is just plain awesome and they are even better together!


awesome character!!


he was like jeremy, then was nicer in season 2 and stuff. t/c


I hope he'll come back soon, because he is one of my fav characters on TVD(after Damon,Katherine and Car). And I love him with Caroline :-)


i realy like this charecter in the firs season i dident cuz he was using viki .in season 2 he is one of my favorite charecter and i like him to be with caroline


Gr8 character! love him and Caroline together!


I've always loved how he is. I don't know why. But I just do. And now that he's a werewolf. I'm loving him even more. Not to mention that he is pretty good looking! xoxox


I actually was worried about how he was doing at first. But now since the 1st season ended, I think I'm starting to get a little excited about the whole werewolf thing.

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