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Private First Class Trevor LeBlanc is married to Roxy LeBlanc. They had known each other less than a week upon getting engaged.

Trevor adopted Roxy's two kids from previous relationships and moved with her to Charleston, S.C., where he is on duty and the army families live. Things will soon become strained for them with Trevor's deployment to Iraq.

Trevor LeBlanc Quotes

Roxy, I was adopted, but not until I was 7. Until then it was just foster care. I don't want to adopt your boys because I'm afraid I'm going to die - I want to adopt them because I want them to really know what it's like to have someone really want them. It's like I said, I'm coming home.


Roxy: So, are ya asking me?
Trevor: Yeah.
Roxy: So ask me!
Trevor: Will you marry me?