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Dr. Tara Knowles is played by Maggie Siff. She's the on-again, off-again love interest of Jax and is a native of Charming.

Tara was Jax's high-school girlfriend. She's been arrested many times.

During an internship in Chicago, she dated ATF agent Joshua Kohn. Tara got pregnant by him, but had an abortion..

Tara Knowles Quotes

We don't know who we are until we're connected to someone else. We're just better human beings when with the person we're supposed to be with. I wasn't supposed to leave...I belong here.


Jax: Is there anything you love so much, you'd protect it, no matter the cost; the damage it did to you?
Tara: Yeah. Yeah, a child.
Jax: Yeah. That's how I feel about this club. Since I was five Tara, all I've ever wanted was a Harley and cut. Change won't happen quick, or without blood, but it'll happen. It has to.