Stan McQueen is the chief inspector for WITSEC's Southwest region. As such, he serves as Marshall and Mary's boss. Of course, all viewers know that his ability to tell Mary what to do is rather limited.

Nevertheless, McQueen is a top WITSEC Inspector. He's highly regarded and will do whatever it takes to support his Marshals when necessary.

Stan McQueen Quotes

The 'Stang is too identifiable. Yes, I said 'Stang.


F.I.S.T. Those Fugitive Investigative Strike Team guys know how to pick a sexy acronym.


In Plain Sight Quotes

Rabbi: Families are like puzzles, they fit together in a certain way, and when one of the pieces are missing it throws everything off.
Mary: Okay, is there a point in there somewhere?
Rabbi: The point? The point is I find people Mary, all kinds of people, no matter how long they have been gone, I find them. So just in case...

One of the most difficult moments in anyone's life is when the fog of childhood lifts and we see for the first time our parents as people.