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Michael Westen served his country or a decade. He spent time in Eastern Europe and the OPEC countries as a covert operative... but now this character is living every spy's worst nightmare.

Westen has been "burned" by the government. He's been dumped in Miami, his bank accounts have been frozen and his life is often in jeopardy.

Using his skills and his brains, though, Michael won't sit back and take this punishment. His goal is to find out who issued his burn notice and why he was blacklisted so that he can put his life back together.

Michael Westen Quotes

Fiona: Took you long enough, was beginning to think you didn't need me.
Michael: Fi, I need you more than ever.

Jesse: There are still 5 guys with machine guns.
Michael: Better than 40.

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Wow. Two decades? 37 plus 4 years the currently michael is 41 then?


Michael served his country for 2 decades! age 17 - 37! before he was burned!

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