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Kimball Cho is a straight arrow of an investigator on The Mentalist. He works alongside Patrick Jane and prefers to follow cases by the book, as opposed to Jane's unique take on investgations.

Kimball Cho Quotes

Fischer: You ever wonder what Jane thinks about it?
Cho: Never.
Fischer: Really, why not?
Cho: My brain would explode.

Kimball: Hey, do you wanna go to work or do you wanna play nurse with King Tut?
Grace: Work. Definitely work.

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There's no business like cho business! Cho - you rock man! I watch the show just for you! You da man!


His attitude remind me so of the original "Dragnet" series of yesteryear. I do think he would make a good series by himself. He is cryptically amusing and oh so "just answer the question Ma'am!"


i love this guy he is soooooo funny and he makes the show!

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