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Kate Beckett is a homicide detective in the NYPD. She asks Rick Castle to help her with the case of a copy-cat killer staging murders based on scenes from his novels, and is the inspiration for Rick's new novel character, Nikki Heat.

When we first meet Beckett, she is very straightforward, conservative, and cold; however she lightens up after spending time with Rick. She resigned from the NYPD after hiding important case information from Captain Gates with Detective Esposito.

Kate Beckett Quotes

Beckett: There's been a murder.
Castle: Yeah, of Linus' feelings.

Ryan: (drops egg off desk)
Beckett: Are you guys reenacting the "Humpty Dumpty crime scene?"

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I first saw Stana in an episode of THE CLOSER...& she had me at hello. Kyra Sedgwick amazing - the scene with Stana an epiphany. I was moved from tears to laughter to tears....then came CASTLE. The pilot episode felt right, habit forming - loved the cast & crew at first sight. Kate seemed familiar - those eyes, her attitude...simply unforgettable. I love CASTLE & Kate Beckett's character has many layers - the writers & actors surprise us going into their 5th Season. Stana keeps growing as an actress. Behind all the necessary glamour added to survive in the entertainment industry I am delighted Stana Katic has remained true to herself. How can I tell? Why, THE EYES HAVE IT, seriously... ;)


She's very beautiful. I love how her style has evolved throughout the seasons


I hate to break up thisd reunion, but what in the Hell is going on!


I just love Beckett.She's all what I wanted to be.


Kate is too sweet.her attitude is exactly what a cop's attitude demands.she is genius:)


Stana Katic is simply gorgeous and a fine fine actress who knows her craft well...And Nathan Fillion was in Saving Private Ryan...

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