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In 1996, Australian business tycoon Jasper "Jax" came to Port Charles at the behest of Lois Ashton.

Edward Quartermaine was so desperate to end the singing career of his businessman-grandson, Lois's husband, Ned, a.k.a. Eddie Maine, that he had bought out L&B Records, the record company Lois ran with her buddy Brenda Barrett. Lois wanted her company back, and she knew that Jax was just the man to help her get it...

Marital Status: Single
Father: John Jacks (father; Deceased) Mother: Jane Jacks
Siblings: Jerry Jacks (brother)
Significant Relationships : Miranda Jamison (1st wife); Brenda Barret (2nd wife-Invalid due to Jax's marriage to Miranda); Alexis Davis (3rd wife- Divorced); Chloe Morgan (dated; Deceased); Angel Ellis (lover); Skye Chandler Quartermaine (4th wife-Divorced); Samantha McCall (lover), Courtney Matthews (5th wife- divorced; Deceased); Carly Corinthos (Current Lover)