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Emma Swan finds out that she is the girl who is responsible from saving both the Real World and the Enchanted Forest. Before she knew this, she was just a bail bonds collector. She is Henry's mother, however, not biologically.

Emma Swan Quotes

Hook: Perhaps I could talk to him.
Emma: About what, leather conditioner and eye liner?

Emma: Oh, kid. You've got problems.
Henry: Yup and you're going to fix them.

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Emma is Henry's biological mom. Regina adopted Henry when he was born.


Actually, Emma is Henry's biological mother. Regina is the adoptive one.


a bit confused here............this bio says she is "not" Henry's biological mother....?? why does the show continue to portray her as Henry's bilogical mother,?


LOVE THIS SHOW! The best one I have seen in a while. I am glad I watched the season premier, I was actually going to skip it. All the characters are wonderful, and I love them all. Even the Queen. Keep up the great work, I hope this show is around for decades. :)

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