Dr. Chen diagnoses Eli with a rare type of brain aneurysm. He's a a Chinese acupuncturist who specializes in holistic medicine and helps Eli recall memories.

Dr. Chen Quotes

Just chill, do exactly which you did last time - follow the signs. If things get really bad come see me - I'll give you a little needle action.

Dr. Chen

Eli: There was a voice this time. Pretty sure it was my dead father.
Dr. Chen: Hm. Dead parent. Different needle.

Eli Stone Quotes

Lenore: So, his father and I went outside to find Eli naked covered in feathers and chocolate syrup.
Eli: Thanks, Mom. [to Nathan] And thank you, too.
Nathan: Come on, I was ten. Just be glad I couldn't find tar.

Are you breaking up with me? 'Cause I-I was just diagnosed with a brain aneurysm, and that would be really bad timing on your part.

Eli Stone