Daniel is the editor-in-chief of his family's magazine, Mode, and also Betty's boss.  Daniel inherited the magazine from his father and is quickly learning the fashion business.

Daniel Meade Quotes

Daniel: One more day of hookie.
DJ: Like a prostitute?
Daniel: Woh, no prostitutes. Only when you're older. Achem, I mean, not at all son.

Betty: Does every spread have to be women in skimpy bras?
Daniel: You're right, I haven't thought of that. Let's lose those bras please.

Ugly Betty Quotes

Hello I'm Claire, Daniel's recovering alcoholic mother


Amanda: Is it possible he was just licking guacamole off your chin?
Marc: Ohh
Amanda: You are known to have food situations
Betty: Nope, I wasn't even eating
Marc: Not eating? This story is getting more and more preposterous