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Clay Morrow is SAMCRO's president. He's also it's youngest original member.

Clay is  married to Gemma, a union that's been in place since the death of her first husband in the mid-1990s. Morrow, whose real name is Clarence, struggles with his age and arthritis, which often allows Jax to handle Club affairs.

Clay has served time in prison.

Clay Morrow Quotes

Tig: I got to tell you something, man. I mean it could be bad.
Clay: It already is.
Tig: Those two dead Mexicans in the warehouse hole. I was hitting them.
Clay: Jesus Christ. Both of them?
Tig: Oh yeah. Kind of a taco twofer thing.

Clay: I never sold gun one to the Mexicans, now I need for you to show me a little respect, and give me a few more days for delivery.
Laroy: Don't give a shit about history, or respect. This is about business, old man.
Clay: And I'm telling you, brotha. Give me some more time: really smart business.