Cisco Ramon is a mechanical engineering genius and the youngest member of the S.T.A.R. Labs team.

He's the gadget guy and responsible for The Flash's iconic red suit. Cisco also has a thing for giving metahumans code names, a fact that amused the future Captain Cold. Like Barry Allen, Cisco is a comic book fanboy and his youthful energy is highly contagious.

Cisco Ramon Quotes

Caitlin: Ronnie's alive. I saw him Cisco. I think he was following me...
Cisco: Caitlin, Ronnie died. He was vaporized in the accelerator when it went critical.
Caitlin: Ronnie's alive and he's out there, alone and scared and I need your help to find him.

Felicity: I'm glad I decided not go go bra-less.
Barry: Guys, you remember Felicity.
Cisco: I'll always remember this.

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The Flash Quotes

Cisco: What is it with you and musicals?
Barry: Everything's better in song.

Iris: Really?
Nora: NO SCHRAP, SHERLOQUE! Sorry for the language, Mom.
Iris: It's okay.