Chloe Lane was raised in numerous foster homes throughout her life, having been told that her parents died in a car accident. Chloe came back to Salem at Victor's insistence in December, 2003. She faked her death at one point.

Chloe Lane Quotes

Chloe: Lucas, I was married to you long enough to learn the 12 step lingo. No person can force another person to drink.
Lucas: Well, I guess another one of my exes didn't read the big book, did they?
Chloe: Oh lord, who was it? Nicole? Carrie? Don't tell me Sami's back in town.
Lucas: Don't say that! Don't say that! Please don't say that. But thank you for the death march down memory lane.

Sarah: We got into a fight.
Chloe: Seriously? Didn’t you leave your husband for him like two seconds ago?

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Days of Our Lives Quotes

You're a monster just like your father. I wish you'd never come into our lives.


Well, darling, if I've learned anything in this life, it's that you cannot force someone to be in love with you. You just have to let it go.