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Eric Stonestreet stars as the hilarious larger-than-life Cameron on ABC's Modern Family.  Cameron is Mitchell's partner and with him has adopted a baby from Vietnam that they name Lily.

Cameron Tucker Quotes

Mitchell: Ahhh we have been together for, guh, five-- five years now? And uh we-- we just decided that we really wanted to have a baby. So we initially asked one of our lesbian friends to be a surrogate but--
Cameron: Then we figured, they're already mean enough, can you imagine one of them pregnant?
Mitchell: Don't think so.
Cameron: No thank you, ick!

Yes, I've gained a few extra pounds while we were expecting the baby... but that's science. You can't fight it.


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Please tell me who was the designer for the shirt that Cameron wore in Dec 7th episode of Modern Famiuly. (the Christmas french cuffs and collar) Looks like Robert Graham???? I would love to buy one for my husband. He is a great fan of Robert Graham shirts so I know he would LOVE this one. Thanks, Iris


I need to know where the shirts that Cameron wears on the show are from. Or are they made, my husband really likes the contrast and I would like to get a few for him.

Thank You


The Cameron character is absolutely the funniest character on TV. Modern Family is the only prime time network show I watch and it is so therapeutic as I laugh so hard!!! Especially at Cameron's lines. I loved the hysteria trying to find Lilly when she was left in the elevator and again lost in the pine trees and Cameron's comment that she was going to think she was back in Vietnam. I just enjoy this show SO much and I pray the network doesn't mess with it like it did with Ugly Betty, my other favorite show. Thank you Eric for being so much fun to watch. You are a gem!


And here I was thinking I was the only one loving this Kansas City boy. What a wonderful and humble attitude you have about life my friend. I caught you on Rachel Ray and on tv today too. You are just like potatoe chips...who can stop with one show featuring you.

I am from Saint Joseph...just up the road from your home base. Be well and keep laughing~


I have never before written a fan letter, but I am compelled to comment on Cameron Tucker. Best, funniest, most endearing and engaging character on TV. He makes the rest of TV pale...please don't stop.

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