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Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris) is Ted's wingman and good friend (though Barney considers Ted his best friend). 

Barney is a womanizer and it's revealed it's the way he is because he was once a hippie who wanted to join the peace corps but lost his one serious girlfriend, Shannon, to a suit wearing rich womainizer. 

Barney then became that man and ever since is always seen out in a suit (except to funerals) and utters some of the best catch phrases and pickup lines in television history.

Barney once violated the bro code and slept with Ted's ex-girlfriend, Robin.  Barney has true feelings for Robin, as revealed to Lily, but does his best to hide them.  They ended up dating briefly but broke up after half a season.

Barney Stinson Quotes

You are the love of my life. Everything I have and everything I am is yours. Forever.


Whatever you do in this life, it's not legendary, unless your friends are there to see it.