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Zoo Season 2 Episode 9 Review: Sins of the Father

Zoo Review: Sins of the Father

Were you ready for the wild ride of Zoo Season 2 Episode 9? Dariela was racing wild horses, Mitch's dad was on board the plane and Jackson learned a secret. Uh oh!
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Homeland Renewed for Seasons 7 AND 8; Season 6 Premiere Date Set!

Homeland and Ray Donovan: RENEWED!

Showtime was very busy today, handing out a two season renewal for Homeland and setting a premiere date for the upcoming season, among other things.
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Zoo Season 2 Episode 8 Review: Zero Sum

Zoo Review: Better Off Dead

It's the end of the line for some on Zoo Season 2 Episode 8, but they're hardly worth crying over. What will Jackson do when he discovers his family might be better off dead?
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