Christine Orlando

Christine Orlando

I love to write.  I love TV.  This is the best job ever!

Bull Season 1 Episode 18 Review: Dressed To Kill

Bull Review: Dressed To Kill

On Bull Season 1 Episode 18, when Chunk's fashion mentor is killed on the runway, Chunk is upset when Bull appears to help the prime suspect in the case.
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Bull Season 1 Episode 17 Review: Name Game

Bull Review: Name Game

On Bull Season 1 Episode 17, Bull risks losing his company when he fronts the money for thousands of people bring a class action suit against a corrupt bank.
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Shades of Blue Season 2 Episode 4 Review: Daddy's Girl

Shades of Blue Review: Daddy's Girl

On Shades of Blue Season 2 Episode 4, Woz shares the darkest demons of his past with Harlee, while Stahl grows more determined to take down Julia Ayres.
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