Station 19 Round Table: Was the Pride-Themed Episode and Mason Sighting Disappointing?

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We got a Pride-themed installment of Station 19.

Unfortunately, after Station 19 Season 7 Episode 3, our Round Table isn't feeling very prideful, as they express mixed feelings about how the series tackled the theme and who the hour centered.

The installment included a blast from the past when Maya saw her brother Mason protesting Pride and Travis and his father having a much-needed heart-to-heart.

Station 19 Round Table

Join our Station 19 Round Table, which is comprised of Ellie MV, Heather M., and TV Fanatics Haley Whitmire White and Sara Trimble, as they break down the episode.

Join the discussion below.

Eli Meets Travis' Father - tall - Station 19 Season 7 Episode 3

If you had to grade the season so far, what would it be? What are you enjoying most about the season, and what are you struggling with most?

Ellie: Oh boy… *nervous laugh*

If I had to grade the season so far, it would be 0/10. I'm sorry, but this is the worst season the writers have ever written. Everything feels so off like they wrote storylines for characters like Theo, Kate, Beckett, and Travis's dad that nobody cares about.

The baby storyline with Marina doesn't look good because it's rushed so badly. I struggle with Andy as Captain. I'm sick of Theo & Kate & Beckett.

Jack being the puppy that everyone abandons over and over because he is too much. So, that last season was a hard pass for me. I'm not enjoying anything about this season, so I can't wait for it to be over in 2 months.

Sully Proposes Again - tall - Station 19 Season 7 Episode 3

Sara: I'd rate this season at a 3/10 so far. So far, I have yet to be a fan of the final season of Station 19.

They're trying to cram too much into their last season while getting lazy with their action scenes. I'm enjoying finally seeing Andy as Captain and she's done some good work so far. I like that no one is challenging her authority.

What I'm not enjoying so far is that there is no tension in any of the calls the station gets each episode. Each scene is easily solved with little effort or forethought. And the scenes aren't playing into each other. Most of the drama is focused on the station rather than external cases.

Last week, we found out Carina was getting sued. They made it seem like it was going to be a big deal. But this week, she and Bailey (Grey's Anatomy) discovered there's no case. Does that mean the hysteria was for nothing?

And I agree with Ellie about all the random storylines with minor characters, like Travis's dad, and the rushed storyline between Carina and Maya and their adoption.

Eli Meets Travis' Father - tall - Station 19 Season 7 Episode 3

Haley: I'll be more generous and give them a 5/10 this season, but that's only because I do love these characters, and I want to believe that the season's lackluster start is building to something great.

I'd be happier if we got more of Jack Gibson and less rushed, painful storylines. I'm enjoying seeing Andy be captain; she's worked hard for this job and deserves it. Everything else is meh for me right now.

Heather: Right now, I hope the season will get better, but the last three episodes got a 3/10 from me, too.

It's the writing. Everything is being rushed, and I know that's not entirely the writer's fault, but nothing feels connected anymore. The stories are choppy, and too much is thrown into the mix. It just doesn't feel like the Station 19 that we have loved.

What are your thoughts on the series tackling so much at a Pride event?

Ellie: As a queer fan, I have to say that the Pride event was bad. It was bad because they made the Pride about homophobia when it's supposed to be a safe place for queer people.

It was supposed to be about representation, but the writers failed. It was bad because they didn't include Maya & Carina at all, the female queer couple of the show. I hated it.

Sara: As with the rest of the season, Station 19 Season 7 Episode 3 lacked the tension and threat of life expected of fire responder shows. The panic that occurred from a car backfiring was really over the top, like they wanted to reference a mass shooting but didn't want to do the clique action.

Ben and Ros - Tall - Station 19 Season 7 Episode 3

And with all the hysteria that happened, you're trying to tell me that the only medical issue was a drag queen getting hung up on a trailer? And even that fell flat as it was easily fixed with no teamwork from the team.

Then, the weird storyline of the hate group that just conveniently included the brother of the only gay female firefighter.

I was a bit irritated by Andy Herrera's aggressive behavior after the group session. She antagonists them and then blames them for upsetting Pru. It was unprofessional and not representative of how a fire captain should act.

Haley: It's funny; I just submitted an article about this sort of thing and its prevalence in Shondaland. Why is it always women and the LGBTQ+ community who have to take these crises on?

I'm also a queer fan, and the whole Pride thing was a huge bummer for several reasons. Let me jump on my soapbox.

Saving Queens - Station 19 Season 7 Episode 3

First, I didn't like that they took so many opportunities to have LGBTQ+ characters say weird, sexualized things to and/or about the firefighters. It feeds into the stereotype that all gay people are going to flirt with everyone no matter what.

Second: Can we please have some joy in this community? The reason the car backfiring was so scary was because gun violence is such a huge issue in this country, and any time the LGBTQ+ community gathers in large numbers, the fear of something terrible happening is real.

I could keep going, but we'd be here all day.

Heather: I agree with everyone about this Pride event. It was not done well.

Too many bad stereotypes exist, such as the three patients who seemed high on something and acting out of the ordinary. Throw in the "psychic" girl telling us each person's issue. It felt wrong. Then we have all the hate stuff, which is something we fear happening at Pride events. I don't think the way it was handled was done well.

Bloodied Arm - Tall - Station 19 Season 7 Episode 3

I didn't mind Andy being defensive of Roz, but instead of having Andy sink to the level of these protestors, I wish we had seen her handling it differently. I'd have liked to have seen more of how Roz felt.

Did we need to have a car backfiring to cause panic? Did we need to see a hateful man having his life saved? Did we need a Pride event filled with very little joy and pride? Not at all.

Did you agree with Eli's assessment of Travis and his reading him for filth? Do you think this is the last of Eli?

Ellie: Oh boy, that scene where Eli was calling Travis Montgomery out on his bullshit was pure gold. I freaking loved it !!! Eli was right about Travis, so I'm glad someone called him out. Let's hope it opens Travis's eyes.

It looks like Eli & Travis were done in that episode, so I think it is Eli's last. Maybe Travis will be single from now on; who knows?

Breaking Up Again - Station 19 Season 7 Episode 3

Sara: I agree with Ellie that it was great seeing Travis not get away with cheating. Not after the huge fit he threw when he was the one helping his boyfriend cheat in the previous season. Eli also called Travis out about how he had acted with his father and boyfriend.

The entire storyline for Travis this season has been disappointing. He used to be my favorite character, especially once I started hating Jack during his meltdown. But now they have corrupted the sweet, moral man we supported as mayor-to-be.

It could be the last we see of Eli. Or we could see a rekindling of the romance between Eli and Andy. I always preferred that pairing over the Eli/Travis coupling.

Haley: Yeah, good for Eli for standing up for himself and not accepting how Travis has been treating him. I still love Travis, flaws and all, but he deserved to be called out.

I think we're done with Eli on Station 19. It's a short season — the writers are trying to wrap up everything they can. I guess we'll see a Travis and Emmett endgame, and the show had to get rid of Eli first.

Life's a Drag - tall - Station 19 Season 7 Episode 3

Heather: I was so happy to hear everything Eli said to Travis. It wasn't malicious; it was heartfelt with tough love. I appreciated that Eli put aside his hurt about cheating to tell Travis that the breakup was about Travis showing his true colors.

I love Travis and hate what's been written for him this season, but if this is the direction the show is going with him, then Travis better take this as a huge wake-up call.

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I think we are done with Eli. I don't see Eli as someone like Emmett, who runs back to Travis. Even if Travis were to come around and be a better person in relationships, Eli doesn't seem the type to give a third chance to someone.

Especially someone who cheated on him. One thought, though: I hope they don't have Eli return to Andy. That would be too much.

What's your reaction to that powerful moment and conversation between Travis and his father about letting go of shame?

Ellie: My reaction was, what the fuck? Because it looks like the writers have forgotten that Travis was never ashamed of his own sexuality. He is a proud gay firefighter, so I did not understand that scene with his father.

Sara: Given that both men live openly, it felt awkward and out of place. It was weird that his dad was talking about living in shame when he did so for so long.

Whereas Travis always lived life as he was without hiding his sexuality. Judgment has never been part of Travis's personality; I don't like seeing it now.

Hugging Dad - tall - Station 19 Season 7 Episode 3

Haley: It's so interesting hearing your thoughts here because I totally disagree! In my opinion, Travis has shown a lot of shame about his sexuality throughout the show. Vic called him out because, as his best friend, she'd seen him do it.

More than once, we've seen Travis act like he's somehow a superior kind of gay person. He almost seems more palatable to straight people because he's generally reserved and not flamboyant. Even in this episode, he shows disdain for Pride events and acts like he's above them.

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It was essential for Travis's character to have his father take responsibility for that shame. Travis internalized his father's bullying his entire life. He may not have stayed in the closet, but he carried the shame his father put on him.

So, for Paul to own up to it and release Travis from it was really powerful.

Deep in Thought - Tall - Station 19 Season 7 Episode 1

Heather: I absolutely agree with Haley here.

Just because Travis is out as a gay man doesn't mean that he hasn't had shame. It has been mentioned several times since we learned about his history with his father. His father coming out and Travis realizing that his dad was projecting onto him didn't make that shame go away.

Even Diane tried to help Travis see that he was carrying shame without knowing his history with his dad. And she picked up on it in season 3 because of his lack of respect for Emmett being in the closet and cheating on his girlfriend.

As far as the scene with Paul, it made me cry. It felt powerful to finally have Paul acknowledge what he had done to Travis.

The Montgomery Men - Station 19 Season 7 Episode 3

I appreciated that Paul didn't make that conversation about him and his own internalized homophobia but all about its effect on Travis.

I wish there were more of an "I'm sorry" in there, too, but I think what he said to Travis about him needing to let go of the shame is exactly what Travis needed to hear.

On the other hand, something that frustrated me about this story is that this story should have been done last season. The last time we saw Paul, Nari was leaving him, and Travis was brokenhearted for his parents, and you could tell he felt bad for his father.

This happened in season 5. At that point, it seemed like they were starting to mend the relationship, but then we spent an entire season 6 focused on Travis running for mayor instead of him dealing with this.

Mason returned but in an unexpected way. Share your thoughts on this storyline and what it could mean moving forward.

Ellie: I always wanted Mason back on the show, but NOT LIKE THIS.

First of all, I would have liked to have him back sooner than in the last season. And second of all, I would have liked to see him being someone else but not a homophobic protestor at the Pride.

I understand that Maya & Mason have grown up in a toxic environment with an abusive father. Still, Mason could have become better like an artist, so I'm disappointed in this storyline. And I have no idea what it could mean moving forward because the writers have the skills to drop storylines, so I'm afraid we won't see Mason after this.

A Serious Maya -tall - Station 19 Season 7 Episode 2

Sara: I felt like his appearance was out of place, and it was a last-minute decision to make Maya emotional during what was supposed to be her celebration day. Why bring him in at this point in the show?

Will Mason reappear in a later episode as part of the storyline? Otherwise, what was the point of his appearance? If the writers don't explain how he fell in with the wrong crowd, why even show him after all this time? Will he change his tune about gay relationships when he finds out he's an uncle? Or will it escalate things?

Haley: This sucked. It just...really sucked. It's really painful to be hated for who you are, especially when it's family. My heart broke for Maya. I don't know if they'll bring Mason back, but I can only hope that if they do, it'll be in a redeeming way.

She also had to save the life of one of the protesters after being the subject of his hatred moments before. That can't have been easy, but she was amazing, professional, and heroic.

Back on the Grind -tall  - Station 19 Season 6 Episode 11

Heather: I feel aligned with what Sara said. It just felt like another thing they just wanted to throw in there.

Honestly, I don't care much about Mason. We last saw him in season 1 when Maya tried to help him, and he wanted nothing to do with her then. Maya has never tried to track him down and mend that relationship since then. So why do we even need to see him now?

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And in this context? Maya already has a hateful father. She did handle seeing Mason favorably for me, but I just don't think he is someone important enough in her life to have thrown back into the mix.

Layoffs are imminent as the mayor goes back on his deal. What are your theories on what this could mean for Natasha and the station moving forward?

Ellie: Oh boy, I'm curious to see the layoffs. Who is going to be fired? Theo? Kate? Beckett? Maya?

Jack is not a firefighter anymore, so I think he has lost his job. Now, my theory is that someone will get fired. It could be a plot twist. Like Sullivan? *evil laugh*

Sara: Natasha Ross was a fool to believe anything the mayor has said up to this point.

She deserves whatever happens to her because she should have been prepared for this. I wouldn't be surprised if we see Natasha's career end and maybe Sullivan's as he quits in protest against her unfair firing.

Issues with the Mayor - Tall - Station 19 Season 7 Episode 3

As for who's to be fired, it could be anyone confused about how the writers are going. It's almost like they don't have a vision for how the show will end, so they make things up every week. Could it be that Maya gets fired, and it expands the plot line with Carina's being sued, their IVF, and adopting the baby?

Haley: When the mayor mentions layoffs, and Natasha pulls that surprised Pikachu face, I'm just sitting here like, "What in the world did you expect when you made a shady deal with a politician?!"

I hope they lay off Kate (or kill her, I'm not picky) and maybe Beckett, although I warmed up to him a little in this episode. And then they should have Natasha lay down on her own sword out of loyalty because she caused this mess with her little deal in the hospital. There. The budget crisis was solved.

Heather: Ugh, I hate to think about where they will go with this layoff storyline. I've seen some interesting theories about Maya or Ben leaving for their families or Travis leaving because of what Eli said about him becoming a firefighter. I'd hate to see anyone leave the station.

Glum Warren  -tall - Station 19 Season 7 Episode 1

Also, I said it in Station 19 Season  6, but this mayor comes off as shady.

He knew Travis didn't want to be mayor and played him to get the votes. He is enjoying making Ross squirm. And I hope that Ross and Andy find a way to push back against Osman, especially after he promised Travis to increase the SFD budget by 15%, not decrease it by 10%. No matter what, though, for the love of everything, get rid of Kate!

Theo still has feelings for Vic. Are you invested in this and them?

Ellie: Nope. Next question!

Theo and Beb on a Crisis - tall - Station 19 Season 7 Episode 2

Sara: Agreed with Ellie. I was never invested in the Vic and Theo relationship to begin with. I would like to see Vic Hughes focus on herself rather than being in yet another relationship as she has been throughout the entire series.

But was there ever a question of him not having feelings for her? A look says it all, even if he has been messing around with the annoying newbie who does not fit into the 19 family.

Haley: Ugh, I can't help it. I'm rooting for Thictoria, not just because that couple's name is hilarious. I want Theo to acknowledge his shortcomings and get therapy, and then I want them to live happily ever after.

Heather: I'm with you here, Haley.

Barbershop Talk -tall  - Station 19 Season 6 Episode 9

I loved Vic and Theo together, and yes, he was terrible to her as interim captain. And I don't want to defend his behavior, but the way he acted is tied to the fact that not only did his father die in the line of duty, but he was responsible for Michael's death as a captain.

He has said he's always been nervous, and I don't think he realized how nervous he would be in the role again. Also, Vic was not perfect to him either. They went through some tough spots together and came out stronger.

If he can realize that he was a terrible boyfriend when he didn't support her in her journey to a psych degree, I think this is something they can work through. Theo is lost without her right now, but he is realizing some things. So, I am invested in this relationship.

What was your favorite moment from the episode? Do you have any additional thoughts?

Ellie: My favorite moment from the episode was when Eli called Travis out. I enjoyed the scene (and the tea). I also loved the Bailey/Carina DeLuca scene. They are good friends, and it's very nice to see them together talking about work, their spouses, their lives…

Sara: I missed seeing Jack in this episode.

As much as he supports Maya and Carina and loves little Pru, I expected to see him on Pride Day. He might not have been able to walk the route, but he could have done a wave standing in the crowd or a pop-by visit at the station during the dance party. It didn't seem right without him.

Facing Reality  -tall - Station 19 Season 7 Episode 2

I don't know that I had a favorite scene for this week.

The entire episode was dry and did not hold my attention very well. I found myself gravitating more towards my phone than the characters. I did enjoy the tender moment between Bailey and Carina, and it was nice to see the put-together doctor all disheveled and overwhelmed, as most new moms end up being with a newborn.

Haley: I agree with Ellie about the Bailey & Carina scene (the nod to Bailey's pregnancy loss and moment of respect there was nice, too). I love Miranda and am always happy to see her on Station 19.

And Sara, I totally agree about Jack and the parade. Why wouldn't he be there? Makes no sense. It seems like a no-brainer to have him there in (what should have been) a chill event where the family was all together.

The episode was a disappointment, and I'm usually a sucker for Pride-themed episodes. I hope the season picks up because I'm tired of going to bed sad on Thursday nights!

Mr. Fireman - Station 19 Season 7 Episode 3

Heather: I, too, loved seeing Bailey and Carina together. I love Bailey and how she is there for her friends. She is a wonderful woman.

If I had to pick a favorite scene, it would be the dance party and seeing everyone dancing and feeling a little united. It was a good idea to empower the LGBTQ+ community after what happened at the event.

Seeing Symone was a highlight. Music can be a great unifier, and dancing is a great release and a way to express yourself, so it just felt like we had this community coming together after all this ugliness.

Over to you, Station 19 Fanatics. Do you agree with us? Sound off below!

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Andy: Bishop, what's wrong?
Maya: I think I just saw my brother.

I'm just going to say it, how many prides do we need?