Days of Our Lives Round Table: Who is Right? Eli or Lani?

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Kayla ordered Steve to kick Tripp out of the house, Eli went off on Lani, and Gabi and Rafe considered leaving town just as Chloe returned to Salem.

Our TV Fanatic Christine Orlando is joined by Kayla and DoolFan4Life from MyHourglass, a Days of Our Lives fan forum, to debate Kayla's ultimatum, Lani's latest tantrum, Chloe's return, which storyline they are most tired of, and more!

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Was Kayla right to tell Steve that Tripp has to move out?

Kayla: I don't think she was right at all. Tripp is family, and family sticks together through thick and thin no matter how crazy or messed up things can be.

DoolFan4Life: I don't think it's right or wrong. Kayla feels uncomfortable, and even though the audience has not bought this story about Tripp being a rapist, I can honestly say that Kayla's reaction is normal as she believes he did this.

Kayla Makes a Demand - Days of Our Lives

Tripp is an adult who can care for himself, so it's not wrong asking him to leave, but I think she could do it herself and not make it hard on Steve. She needs to respect the difference of opinion and the fact that Steve feels he knows his son wouldn't do that. Why make him be the bad guy? If she wants him out, she can tell him. 

Christine: Kayla has the right to her feelings, and if she feels she can't live with Tripp because of what she believes he's done, that's valid. But making Steve kick his son out is wrong. Kayla needs to tell Tripp she wants him to leave and why.

Intentionally or not, Kayla making Steve do it is a sort of power play that makes it clear she ranks higher to Steve than Tripp does. Whether Kayla is right to ask Tripp to leave or not, forcing Steve to kick his son out will cause long-term resentment, and it's just not fair.

Ava Visits Tripp - Days of Our Lives

Many in Salem have used Ava being Tripp's mother as evidence that he is capable of rape. Do you find this a valid point?

Kayla: I honestly think this is so messed up. Yeah, I know Ava is crazy and out there with the extremes she goes to, but that doesn't mean that her son is crazy because of her influence.

Tripp is his own person, and I like to believe that even though Allie is one of my faves, Tripp has his story to tell, and his mother has nothing to do with it.

Allie Gets Bad News - Days of Our Lives

DoolFan4Life: If this is the theory, they could say that Allie is lying because she is Sam's daughter and bring up the many times Sami lied and manipulated to get her way. I remember when it was referred to as "Sami's Schemes" like an after school special.

I don't think a man who never knew his mom could turn out just like her. This also sends out the wrong message about people who are a product of rape. Just because you were born as a result doesn't automatically make you capable of the same things.

Christine: I hate it when characters say this! It's an easy, ignorant dig at Tripp's parentage and not at all true. If the kids of Salem are doomed to repeat all of their parents' crimes, they'll need to build a much bigger prison than Statesville.

Eli Crashes Lani's Appointment - Days of Our Lives

Who is right? Eli for being furious that Lani is shutting him out of her pregnancy or Lani for still being angry at Eli for helping put Kristen in prison while protecting her?

Kayla: I think Eli has every right to be angry at Lani for shutting him out because the twins are his children, and he wants to be there for every moment of their lives, even though they aren't born yet. I really think Lani needs to let Eli in and forgive him because, after all, he was protecting the woman he loves.

DoolFan4Life: Eli, 100%! I've heard a lot of arguments that he should have told Lani when he was being blackmailed, but honestly, I don't blame him for not doing so.

Lani Apologizes - Days of Our Lives

She didn't tell him when Gabi blacked mailed her, and also, she wasn't exactly approachable at the time. Lani, on the other hand, is in la-la land. I typically find this couple to be a snooze-fest, but I enjoyed him telling her off.

Christine: I've really had enough of hearing Lani's self-righteous rant. Kristen is in prison because she stabbed a man. Trask put Eli in a horrible position, and he did the best he could to protect Lani and their kids.

What bugs me is that Lani is furious with Eli but lets Abe off the hook. Abe knew Trask was blackmailing Eli but allowed her to keep her job for fear that firing her would look like he was protecting his daughter, who helped Kristen escape.

There's plenty of blame to go around her, and Lani refuses to see that she carries a large share of it.

It's your turn TV Fanatics! Who do you think is right in this fight? Eli or Lani?

Roman Updates Rafe - Days of Our Lives

Gabi and Rafe are back in Salem, but it sounds like they may both leave shortly. Do you want them to stick around?

Kayla: Them both leaving is news to me, and of course, I want them to stick around as long as Gabi isn't being a bitch. Maybe she could get with Jake in the future and get him away from Kate.

As for Rafe, I am happy for him to stay too. I love his scenes with Gabi and Allie, just as long as he doesn't try to replace Lucas. I also would like to see him and Kate interact more.

DoolFan4Life: I hope they leave and take Gwen and her nasty nail-biting with them. I enjoyed the Hernandez break so much that I cringed when they both came back together.

Gabi needs to be offscreen and be with her daughter, and Rafe needs to get a life out of Salem. I don't need to see him moping about Hope. Get over it already because they were a puke worthy couple anyways.

Christine: I wouldn't mind if they both left Salem. Gabi has her entertaining moments, but if she's just going to be used as a foil for Chad and Abby, then I'm done. And Rafe pining for Hope is almost as bad as a Rafe and Hope romance.

Chloe Returns/Tall - Days of Our Lives

Chloe is back! Do you hope to see her paired with Brady, Philip, Lucas, or should she remain single for a while?

Kayla: I am so happy that Chloe! I am forever a Lumi —Lucas and Sami— fan as they are the only reason I got into the show. They are endgame for me, so definitely not Chloe paired with Lucas.

As for Philip, I don't like them together. I love Brady and Chloe so much more, so that's my answer. I think she and Brady should get back together. They are perfect for each other. I hate Kristen. Kristen and Brady aren't suited at all; he and Chloe are.

DoolFan4Life: I'd say stay single but let's be serious; that won't happen. Chloe and Philip are a great pair when written properly, and if it works out, it could change the look of constipation on Jay's face lately. He has a great smile when he shows off those dimples.

I'd also say Rex is an option if Kyle Lowder came back as he and Nadia have great chemistry.

Christine: I'm all for Chloe and Philip if they can get back some of that youthful chemistry they once had. Philip has been such a whiny sourpuss since his return, and that really needs to change.

Lucas and Chloe always felt like better friends than lovers, and I have no desire to see Chloe have to face-off with Kristen over Brady. So, I'm hoping for a Philip and Chloe reunion.

Charlie In the Middle - Days of Our Lives

Which storyline are you most tired of right now?

Kayla: There are quite a few storylines I am tired of. The Gwen storyline, Kate and Jake, Kristen, Xander vs. Philip, Claire and Charlie, and the Lani and Eli storyline.

DoolFan4Life: It's a tie between this whole Gwen, Gabi, Jake, Chad story (honestly, I have never not cared about someone's secret motive as much as I don't care about Gwen's. It's so uninteresting, and I'm sick of her gross nail biting)

Gwen Manipulates/Tall - Days of Our Lives

Also, Tripp being falsely accused of rape. I would like this story to wrap up because it has dragged a lot, and the writers don't handle rape stories well.

Christine: Charlie and Claire's relationship is a boring time-filler. Anything having to do with Chad has become almost unwatchable no matter who he's sharing scenes with.

And I can't wait to get past all of Salem hating Tripp. They need to move that story along, fast.

A Secret Plan - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline from this week's Days of Our Lives?

Kayla: I love Lucas and Allie's father-daughter relationship and the coupling of Lucas and Sami, so by far, my favorite scene of the week was the ones Lucas and Allie shared when Lucas told her about Sami's rape. We so need more Lucas and Allie scenes.

DoolFan4Life: Eli telling off Lani was great because I feel like the fans have been saying the same things to the screen every time she has a childish fit. Also, I'm enjoying Xander and Sarah teaming up. It's a nice change from them fighting and her judging him.

Christine: Sarah and Xander's plotting has a fun, rom-com feel to it, and the show needs that right now. I was happy that someone finally told Allie that her mother was raped, but I wish Sami could have done that herself.

I've always disliked Ava, but having her come to Tripp's rescue was more satisfying than I ever expected.

And I was surprised how much I enjoyed Jake deciding he has feelings for Kate and won't be going back to Gabi.

Gabi Gets an Eyeful - Days of Our Lives

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