How New Amsterdam Could Do for Sharpwin What The 100 Didn't for Bellarke

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When The 100 came to a close, it left many fans feeling shocked and dissatisfied with the show's ending. 

Not only did the fan-favorite romance between Bellamy and Clarke never come to fruition, but Clarke shot and killed Bellamy long before the series finale aired. 

For those who enjoyed the relationship between Bellarke and were disappointed about how it all went down, New Amsterdam's Sharpin might help fill the void. 

Helen's Defender - Tall  - New Amsterdam Season 2 Episode 9

In addition to Max and Helen's dynamic, paralleling Bellamy and Clarke's, Aaron Ginsburg, who previously wrote on The 100, is a producer of the show. It's the best of both worlds. 

The plot and setting of these TV series may be drastically different, but, surprisingly, the core is the same. 

NBC's medical procedural took two characters that didn't start out on the best of terms and made them each other's person. 

Similarly to how Bellamy was the heart of The 100, Max is the heart of New Amsterdam. Max's motto is, "How can I help?" And it's a motto he takes very seriously. 

Max is always looking out for the wellbeing of others, even if it's detrimental to himself.

A Code Silver - Tall  - New Amsterdam Season 2 Episode 10

The plot of New Amsterdam Season 1 revolved around Max attempting to undergo aggressive treatment for his cancer while still maintaining his position as the hospital's medical director. 

Although his plan to do both wasn't logical, Max refused to sit back while there were people who needed him. He pushed himself to the brink of collapse on more than one occasion, and continued to overexert himself physically, mentally, and emotionally.

This is where Helen comes in. Her official title may be Deputy Medical Director, but Max treats her as an equal. The two are co-leaders, similar in fashion to Bellarke.

Like Clarke, Helen is the brains of the operation. She always thinks before she acts and considers the "how" before deciding whether or not to move forward.

Helen the Stunner - Tall  - New Amsterdam Season 2 Episode 17

Helen is kind and compassionate, but she's willing to sacrifice the one for the many. Max, on the other hand, doesn't want to lose a single person -- ever.

That is where the two of them end up clashing. 

Max and Helen have disagreed on more than one occasion. However, they know each other's hearts and never question one another's motives. It's their opposing ways of working towards a common goal that makes them function so well together.

Max helps push Helen to find a more widespread solution, while Helen helps Max understand that, as a doctor, sometimes you have to triage. But no matter what decision they make, they always make it together. 

Is that ringing any bells, Bellarke fans?


It's still unclear why The 100 decided to gut their central relationship the way they did. As confirmed by Bob Morley, Bellamy and Clarke were written as romantic, and both he and Eliza Taylor were told to portray them as such.

So, why did they never talk about those feelings? And why did Clarke end up killing the person she had always put above everyone else?

It gets even weirder when you remember that Clarke let a bomb drop on hundreds of people back on The 100 Season 2 Episode 12 to keep Bellamy safe. 

From what we can gather, the answer to that question appears to be an issue with the show creators rather than the characters. 

Playing Pretend - Tall  - New Amsterdam Season 2 Episode 18

But, going off of what we've seen so far, New Amsterdam seems to be all about authentic storytelling. 

We feel confident enough to say that whatever happens between Helen and Max will be in the best interest of the series.

Like The 100 did with Bellarke, New Amsterdam has dropped many hints that Sharpwin's bond might go beyond friendship. But unlike The 100, the seeds they've planted are coming to fruition. 

There's never been a shortage of loving stares and words of affirmation between Helen and Max.

sharpwin 2

On New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 16, a psychic even picks up on Helen's feelings for her colleague and warns her that it'll never work out between them. However, she realizes towards the end of the episode that she may have been wrong about her prediction. 

Max was married at the time, so whatever feelings Helen may have had for him were pushed aside. But now that things are different, the direction that the two of them are headed is becoming obvious. 

Not only did Max and Helen share a charged moment on New Amsterdam Season 2 Episode 16, but Max is seen fiddling with his wedding ring.

That small tidbit had more meaning than an outsider might realize.

sharpwin 1

Max loved his wife, and there was never any doubt about that. Because of his difficulty with her death, Max didn't feel ready to take off his ring when he was in the presence of his current love interest. 

But Helen is the person who makes him feel the most of everything. If Max and Helen ever go down that road, Max would never want to half-ass it.

The relationship between them is delicate because they're more than just a potential couple. They're each other's best friend and confidant. It's the same dynamic that Bellamy and Clarke shared, and it's a dynamic that they're right to be afraid of losing. 

However, if Max and Helen begin a romantic relationship and it turns out to be a success, it'll be like hitting the jackpot. 

Sharing Burdens - Tall  - New Amsterdam Season 2 Episode 9

Your significant other should be the person you trust most in the world. If Max and Helen can be everything each other needs, then they should be.

But the question remains. Do they follow in The 100's footsteps and stick with what's safe, or do they risk everything for the chance of something even better?

We've already seen the first one play out, so this time we have our fingers crossed for the latter. 

It's your turn, TV Fanatics!


What do you think about Max and Helen's potential?

Were you disappointed with Bellarke's tragic ending?

Hit the comments section down below, and let us know your thoughts and opinions! 

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