Devils Season 1 Episode 3 Review: Things Take a Turn

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On Devils Season 1 Episode 1, Dominic described Massimo as a shark.

The trouble is that Massimo is now a wounded shark, and all the other sharks were circling him on Devils Season 1 Episode 3.

Massimo was hurting after Carrie's unexpected death, and his cold and calculating facade was slipping, which was apparent to everyone around him.

Sofia Helps Massimo -- Tall - Devils Season 1 Episode 3

He wanted to blame someone for Carrie's overdose, but he truly didn't know who to blame.

Sofia nailed it when she explained that someone wanted to keep Massimo distracted so that he wouldn't ask questions about dubious deals with which NYL was involved.

Planning Together - Devils Season 1 Episode 4

The question remained who even after this episode.

Dominic is the leading candidate, since he is the puppet master in anything that NYL touches. And the whole deal with the Libyan investment organization certainly seemed shady.

It made sense that NYL covertly supporting the actions of the Gaddafi regime could have turned Ed sour on the banking business, and that was why he retired, not because he was forced out for falsifying profits.

But Ed had told Claire he was retiring and leaving NYL. So where was the incentive for him to be killed? Was he attempting to blackmail Dominic about the Libyan deal?

Surrounded by Doubt - Devils Season 1 Episode 3

Massimo was positioned to be aware of such an iffy deal, so it was logical to keep him busy running all over London trying to track down Carrie

Massimo still did his best to undermine the LIA deal, but was undone by Sofia's improvised decision to have The Guardian leak the photos from Dominic's gathering.

Dominic was oh, so slick at that press conference, turning the bank and the LIA official into freedom fighters. And Gaddafi had the good timing to rightfully go down in flames shortly thereafter, saving NYL of any further whiff of scandal.

Three episodes in, it's still difficult to define Dominic.

He's already proven that he plays hardball and isn't afraid of illegal activities if there's money to be made.

Deflecting News Conference - Devils Season 1 Episode 3

But at the same time, he has been stressing to Massimo that he's not the enemy and said he views Massimo as a son.

Of course, that's exactly what a person about to stab another in the back would say. But those words coming out of Patrick Dempsey's distinguished features seemed to ring true.

While Massimo has been smooth in his underhanded dealings, Dominic has been that much smoother. He's been on top of what Massimo has been up to but hasn't opted to turn him in.

That may have been in large part an attempt not to further sully the bank's good name. But Dominic may have had sentimental reasons, as well.

Still, Dominic answers to others. For instance, who was that rich woman who called him when the news about the Libya deal broke? She was obviously someone whose concerns matter to Dominic.

Seeking Revenge - Devils Season 1 Episode 3

It would have been child's play for some unveiled rich and powerful person to kill Ed and frame Massimo. And who knows what criminal organizations might funds invested with NYL?

So beyond Dominic, there's no shortage of potential bad guys looking to take out Massimo and Ed.

And where does Nina fall into all this? In addition to blaming Dominic for the death of their son, she also has a genuine affection for Massimo and is willing to work against Dominic's interests.

Here's hoping she has a larger role to play through the rest of the series.

That's because Dominic is running out of allies.

Secret Agenda - Devils Season 1 Episode 3

Sofia appears to be one. She risked a lot to record Dominic's party, even though it didn't have the impact she desired in the end.

What's Duval's end game in having Sofia seduce Massimo as an asset for Subterannea?

Sofia messed up big time. She defied Duval's orders by taking what she had to The Guardian. Now he's uncertain of her future with his organization.

And by going to the same reporter that Massimo had stood up previously, she pointed the finger of guilt straight at him.

Looking Up - Devils Season 1 Episode 3

How is she going to repair those relationships? And why is she hellbent on implicating Dominic?

Massimo is down to one member of his team he can trust: Oliver. Kalim already was souring on Massimo after he fired Paul for being Dominic's mole. But what else was Massimo supposed to do?

Eleanor, his most loyal lieutenant who seems to have a friends-with-benefits relationship with him, turned on him after the LIA debacle.

But Oliver appreciated what Massimo had done for him, making a college student a trainee at an international investment bank.

Starting to Turn - Devils Season 1 Episode 3

It was a hoot to watch Oliver put Eleanor in her place after she talked down to him.

Oliver lied to the police to protect Massimo despite his girlfriend telling him not to. So Oliver will stand with Massimo, unlike the others, apparently.

So Massimo has an intuitive college student and an anarchist with an agenda on his side. That's not a lot to use to wage war against an international financial giant.

It's already been hinted that NYL is profiting off of unrest in Greece and Libya. So what other questionable operations is it running?

Unhappy Underling - Devils Season 1 Episode 3

To figure out NYL's plan, watch Devils online.

Now the police know that Ed was murdered, is Massimo the prime suspect?

Will he have to go on the run?

Who is behind this illegal operation?

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Episode 3 Review

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Devils Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Oliver: It's my first day. Massimo offered me a job.
Paul: Congratulations. You might as well take my desk. I've got a little bit of advice. Watch your back around here.

The blood of the innocent, shed to enrich the powerful, is, and always has been, war.